Sunday, June 30, 2013

My First "Currently!"

I am so excited to link up with Farley for her July Currently linky party!  This is my first one.  Here we go!


I tried to be really honest. I wanted to be listening to something inspirational or meaningful or even fun, but my boy is watching Shark Tank so there you go!  :)  My sweet husband is outside mowing and making the house look so nice... which leads me to...



Yes, my husband!  I love that he loves his perennials and dividing them and planting them all around to make our house pretty. I love the look of the flowers- WAY more than the actual act of planting and especially weeding... so we make a great team! I am the "encourager."  Yeah, I got the  better end of that deal! OH and he just mulched, too.   He would probably not be thrilled with that picture, but he won't even know unless he reads this. :)  Hmmm- let's see if he reads my blog! :) 



I am thinking  about what a fun day yesterday was.  I love days when I get to have great conversations with all my kids- and just relax and do silly, simple things at night. My kids are almost 23, 21, and 19, so I just love when we have some great talks or even silly text conversations throughout the day.  Last night, Jeff and I went to Sam's Club and got lots of yummy stuff - and then came home and played Rummy on our back deck while we listened to comedy on Pandora. It was a gorgeous night, all the kids were happy doing fun things- and even though I lost SO BAD playing Rummy, it was a perfect night.  We also ate some of the yummy things we got from Sam's.  Did you know they now put 4 different kinds of cupcakes together in a sampler container??? 
 Yeah, we know that now.. Obviously this is not the 4 pack we bought because ours is no longer close to being a 4 pack. (see:  "Needing" below as a follow-up to our late-night discovery of delicious cupcakes.)


I am wanting great weather for my daughter Ellie's wedding on July 13th!  I keep looking at that extended forecast - and saying prayers.  It is an outdoor wedding- hopefully- at a gorgeous park.  Of course we have alternate plans for rain, but ...    Either way it will be just fabulous.  I could not have hand picked a more perfect son-in-law! 


Seriously, I need to eat some of the vegetables and fruit I buy- and exercise!!! I have the "buying" part down really well.  I have the best intentions when I am in that store.  We have been good about grilling out veggies. (In fact we bought 500 aluminum foil sheets from Sam's last night- so THAT is a commitment to grilling in foil! :) I am picking out movies to watch while I am on the treadmill this week.  I have not seen The Help yet- can you believe it? 
 I read the book and LOVED it. I didn't want it to end.  So that is the first one on my list. (That was a boring "needing"- but it is needed, sooooo- )

Tips, Tricks, Hints

I actually went back and took the time to read the inspirational quotes and sayings I pinned on my Pinterest board.  It was like reading a good book of great thoughts.  I am really good at pinning, but forget to go back and enjoy them!  Here is one of my favorite verses on a little picture I have up in our family room.  Always good to remember!!!  :)
Here is another tip that has nothing to do with anything- but I always remembered it when my kids were little. I read someplace to always keep a red washcloth handy, in case your child got a cut or something- so your child wouldn't be afraid of seeing blood. 
I actually used this little trick with my Matt when he was little and cut between his fingers with a butter knife when we were making applesauce  :(.   It did help- so it is tried and true.  Hopefully, you will never need to use it.
 Have a happy week!

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