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Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party

I am excited to link up with LaToya at Flying into First Grade for the Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party! Thank you, LaToya for hosting!

I am going to zoom across that middle row!

1. Share about your first year of teaching

I was really blessed my first year of teaching. I just graduated with my Master's in Health Education-and was looking for a job...  My REAL love was elementary school age children, but I just loved health, so that was lots of fun to study for my Master's.  I was offered a job in a nearby city teaching middle school health- YIKES- and then God quickly intervened (probably as He was chuckling thinking about me teaching health to 8th graders in the city) and let there be a maternity leave opening in our local elementary school- in Kindergarten! YAY!  The teacher decided to take the whole year, then the next year another job opened and the rest is history!
BUT- my favorite memory of that year may have been the time my husband (future husband at the time) and I took one of my little students and his sister Christmas shopping at the Jamesway  in our town.  This family never had anything and we wanted to help make Christmas special for all of them.  We got some groceries first, then went to get some clothes at Jamesway.  Jeff took the little guy back to the dressing rooms to try on some jeans (his first EVER brand new jeans!) and the little boy promptly blew his nose into his hand and wiped it all over the dressing room wall.  We did some fast clean up and really quickly knew how embarrassed parents feel when they have to go seek janitorial help for something that is really gross to explain...  I supposed if the jeans fit and we just moved on and kept shopping, there would be no memory, right? 

2.  My favorite school memory as a kid ( OK- memories!)

I have lots of school memories! I had to wear a green dress every music day in 2nd grade, so I could come up front when we sang, "Whenever Hettie Had a Green Dress On." I am sure the music teacher, Mrs. Harper, (whom I loved and still see around town!) knew it wasn't a coincidence that Carolyn wore a GREEN DRESS every music day.

I remember going outside in 3rd grade playing kickball and actually catching the ball to get the really great "athlete" of the playground out! HA!
  I  also loved  Chinese jumprope.

I always had to wear braids the day after "Little House on the Prairie" was on so I looked like Laura.

 I remember writing "I  Love you," on the back of my spelling test in 3rd grade and my teacher actually CORRECTING it by putting a lowercase "l" over my capital.  Even at eight years old, I remember thinking, "Seriously?!" HAHA

I remember a boy telling me I looked pretty in my long dress that I wore for a play, and kind of wanting to wear a long dress every day after that. :)

 I remember loving to stay in from recess in 5th grade to work on SRA kits ( anyone remember those?!) but really it was to be with my teacher because I just loved her.

I remember helping a girl name Amphone from Laos learn English in 6th grade- even going to her apartment to work with her and her sister. 

I ALSO remember the boy who knocked me down in Kindergarten when we were standing in a line on blacktop ready to go run and play. He plowed me over and I was MESSED UP! Luckily my teeth didn't get knocked out, but I looked like I went a few rounds in an MMA fight I think.  I remember my friend playing with my braids making me feel better(must have been the day after Little House on the Prairie! haha). The funny part of that is that that very boy helped build our house a few years ago ( 40 years later... ha!).  He is a good builder, so- all is forgiven.  I am pretty sure he has NO recollection of the incident.  :) 

I remember a girl making fun of how I laughed in Kindergarten and a really nice 1st grade girl sticking up for me.  I actually saw the "1st grade girl"  in the grocery store the other day- and thought how much she would have thought I was CRAZY if I ever told her that I remembered that. I don't even know her at all! I just recognized her face- and still remembered her being so kind to me. I will tell her next time I see her.

I sound like I hold grudges and remember everything.  hmmmm.  I should have had a little shirt in elementary school that said, "Don't cross me. I will never forget." 

I also remember a 5th grade multiple choice social studies quiz that was supposed to be "fun" before Thanksgiving because the answers were supposed to spell "PUMPKIN PIE" down the side.  Mine looked something like "MNIPPUE KPI" and I failed that quiz- and she gave me an "M" for "Minimum effort." :(  The fact that bothered me was that I tried REALLY hard- I just knew nothing about that social studies unit.  The fail didn't bother me as much as the "M" did- because I actually tried. Maybe I should be glad my teacher thought I didn't try . If she knew I tried and did so horribly, maybe that makes me look really bad!  Pumpkin pie is still not a favorite to this day, by the way...

I know I was really sensitive (and should have kept a little journal apparently) but I do think those memories help me to be a better teacher.  I can put myself right back in my students' shoes really easily and remember.  I am glad for that. 

OK- one more-  I remember meeting my husband - when his school and my school merged  in 9th grade.  He wrote me a note one day in study hall that said, "Do you like Boston?"  I panicked because I wasn't sure if he meant the town or the group! So I went with the group and said, "YES, they play great music."  So... of course he meant the Red Sox!  DUH.  That never even crossed my mind.  They are still his favorite "group!"  :) 

3.  Books I am reading

I am a little all over the place here.  I LOVE reading Joyce Meyer's books.  I record "Enjoying Everyday Life" and watch it each day. Love her. I am reading One Hundred Ways to Simplify Your Life now.

At the same time, I am reading Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris.  I also love his books.  He just makes me laugh!  If anyone looked at my bookshelf- it is sort of diverse, I guess. Oh well.  It's fun that way!  :)

Thank you for letting me share!  I can't wait to get to know all of you better! 

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Thank you for following me!  :)

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