Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Smorgasborg

I am linking up with Michelle, at Fabulous in First for Sunday Smorgasborg!  I love this linky! Thank you, Michelle.

First of all- some shopping finds!

So- this weekend we visited my daughter in Niagara Falls, and of course, took her shopping to get whatever "she" needed at Target!
Here were some fun things I found!  ;)
These were $1- for 4 strips!  I am either going to use them for extra practice at school, or send one home with children who need extra practice at home- or maybe if a child goes on vacation and wants "work" to take along.

Sorry these are blurry!  These were PRECIOUS!  I thought they would make great pointers- probably better than my Bugles...  I modeled one for you. ;) 
 These are my FAVORITE cheap, cheap, cheap pens ( on sale for 99 cent- and they write sooo nicely!) and pencils.  I use these for myself- and also as my "magic" pencils for my kids. I tell them they  are magic, because you MUST write your very, very best with them since they are usually only for grown-ups.  It works. :)
These were 1/2 price, so...  I had to have them because they reminded me of Batman shapes for "BAM" and "POW"- so I knew I would think of some way to use them for sight words, probably.  Jeff just shakes his head, now, as I put things in the cart...

We also bought food.  What other profession would you hear someone say, "I already have linguini, because I decided to use another pasta for exclamation points, so I have a whole box of linguini to use up."  ??? 
SO- we visited my daughter and decided to walk by Niagara Falls and to Goat Island (an island across a couple bridges which takes you right by the falls- very close and SO pretty.)  The sky was dark, but the optimist in all of us said, "Oh, this will blow right over."  (Goat Island was where Emily got bit by a squirrel during her Nature Study class in college when she and the squirrel both went for the same seed pod.  Her professor had to take her to the emergency room- that's another "Emily" story...:)

The raindrops started, and it felt like water balloons were being dropped on our heads.  HUGE raindrops.  Still- not concerned. 
Here is a tip- IF you pass by people closing up and practically nailing down little hotdog stands and shops- and IF you hear someone refer to the "funnel cloud" he just saw-  reconsider walking far from your car to sightsee and just leave.   
When we got to Goat Island and the rain and lightning REALLY started, we had to run about 1/4 mile over 2 metal bridges to get to the Falls park, then again to get to our car.  We were giggling all the way- (well, not Jeff, he was not giggling...)
As I watched Jeff and Emily run across that second metal bridge and look back at me, running in my little Tevas, I vowed to get on the treadmill this week and better prepare for thunderstorm runs. 
Finally, when we got to the roads, Emily grabbed my hand and said, "If we die, at least we will be together. I don't want to be stuck here without you!"  OK- even though that sounds like it might be morbid, it was one of those things I will remember FOREVER.  Holding hands and Sticking Together!  ;)  It was a much better memory than a perfect, sunny walk would have been!
The next morning we had to detour to get back to her house- because random cars had been abandoned in the flash flooding...

That white van was collecting info on each car- we seemed to be following it.
Finally, we  got back to our house and found these little beauties in our pond! We had the cat tails and lily pads, but they finally had some flowers!
Ahhh-  That is my randomness for this week!  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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