Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It! July 29th

I am starting off this post with a wonderful inspirational quote my friend Betty sent me ( from her sweet sister BJ!).

A thankful heart doubles our blessings and causes us to enjoy them twice; once when we receive them and again when we remember them.
Lord, let me never take You for granted and daily remember to thank you.

Starting this blog is something I am really thankful that I did- not because of the actual blog itself- but because of the connections it has let me make- you fabulous people out 'there' who are happy, encouraging  teachers, loving to share ideas and build each other up!  By the end of school last year, I was just not really myself. I felt like I would come home and complain, and I was really letting other people's negativity get me down and affect me. (Maybe I felt that way cause my husband told me that...hmmmm...)

In fact, it was SOOO hot in the school and people (not even the kids...) got SO cranky, that my friend gave me this post-it pad.  I just saw it in my desk the other day and smiled again... (yeah, it was bad... haha)

I didn't like that at all. Seeing the problems and forgetting the blessings can become a habit if you let it.  This summer has been completely different.  I am so happy each day to read all the fabulous ideas and thoughts  you all have, to share ideas I think of, and to comment and read comments and notes from the sweetest people.  I have 'met' some real, true friends here, and I thank you for that.

I have NO idea why I remember this, but when my kids were little, they would watch Rocket Power (a silly cartoon  about skaters and surfers...) and I will never forget one of the characters  talking about this group of people who didn't like them and saying, "Don't let the shoobies get you down. "  NO idea why I remember that- but it stuck with my and is sort of my motto. How pathetic that my internal voice is a surfer-cartoon character ... but ... this year- no matter how much stress other teachers are under with tests, students, parents, RTI, APPR, SLO, LLI, RTTT, PTO, NCLB, or any other letters you can think of... Here is my advice-

 Just remember to be thankful.  Enjoy your precious class of students who love and need the happy, caring, real you.   DON'T LET THE SHOOBIES GET YOU DOWN! Stay as positive as you can. Do your thing.  

End of sermon! :) (I think the sermon was just for me to go back and read once school gets going.)  On to Monday Made It! Thank you, Tara, for hosting this!

Here are some things that I had fun making this week!  Lots were from great Pins I saw and made to work for me. 

First- a couple anchor charts- (Please- art teacher friends of mine... don't judge.  I would like to say I TRY to draw like a kindergartener so the kids feel better about themselves. Yeah, that's it. That's what I do!)

(I have post-its cut in half all ready for when we do our labeling lesson.)

Next, I made these little guys for each child to take home, once we learn about them and use them first in the classroom.  I had these little wooden spoons that come from those ice cream cups you can buy. 
I made one side into a pointer for the children to point to each word as they read it, and also for them to remember to  use their EYES to notice pictures in the story they are reading.
Again- some had LOTS of attitude and personality to me and quickly became favorites...( You're probably thinking I could use some real human friends-  I know...but look at those yellow eyes...either crazy, bored, or trying to be sexy. Not sure.  ha!)

For the back side of the spoon, I used the adorable spacemen from Sandy's (Kinder-Gardening)  Sight Word Construction Packet , to help the children remember to use those spaces between words when they write.

I also made some spacemen and eye pointers to use in the classroom before I send these home to use. I will write a note with these to the parents explaining just how both sides of the spoon are used- and  hopefully it will be used at home for lots of practice reading and writing!

Here are a couple counting activities I made and have ready to laminate.  I have a big bin of colored glass dots that the children use for sorting and patterning. I think I will just include these fish right in that bin for another  beginning year activity.  I am going to keep my 4-leaf clovers in my extra little pot of gold with these gold counters- or maybe some of my "real" gold stones.

(This isn't actually something I made to use- just the idea to remember to make for
adding/subtracting using different color glass dots and a recording sheet.)

I will leave you with this- (again- not "funny" at all to 19 year old sons. Whatever! ;)

Happy Monday! :)

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