Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Winner, Winner- and Thank you!

My 100 follower giveaway is finished and the winner is... Jena C! Congratulations, Jena. I am sending you an email with your Prezis!  Thank you all so much for playing ! :)  AND for following me and making me just so happy.
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I have to tell you that I have had the best time meeting such wonderful people  friends since I started this blog.  Do you remember the game, The Sims, where people created homes, towns, amusement parks? I never played it, but my kids did- and one of my friends was obsessed and created this world she sort of lived in...  ANYWAY- I feel like this blog has been my perfect Sims world in a way- (except I am pretty sure you all are REAL!)   I am just HAPPY.  

Sometimes in "real" school, people are so negative, jealous, don't share protective of their stuff, suspicious if you are too happy  or nice just cause you are- (what?!  Hey- a boy broke up with me because  he said I was "too nice..." Who knew that was even a real thing!...So... luckily Jeff doesn't think I am- ok- that sounds bad. I am still nice, but Jeff sees how sometimes I can be not nice, too- again- sounds bad- I will just stop talking in this parenthesis, now)-  but I feel like here, in Blog World, I have met teachers who are positive, happy, love to share, happy for each other, and proud when someone else succeeds.  Sims could not create a better world for teachers, in my opinion!  THANK YOU ALL for letting me be a part of this world.
(I have this poster up in my classroom- and it seemed perfect for today- with my over-enthusiastic love of sharp pencils and my appropriately-enthusiastic love  and appreciation of all of you! :)

I find myself thinking of you throughout the day- like yesterday, Sandy, from Kinder- Gardening, I was shopping and singing "Up the Ladder, Down the Ladder" in my head the entire time- yet smiling thinking of  you (Queen Pretty!).

 I was so happy talking to Susanna, from Whimsy Workshop last night, I felt like we were meeting up and shopping and chatting together.  All day I had been planning my art lessons using her fabulous art packet and thinking , "I KNOW HER!" :)

I cannot wait to print off her Sight Word Zoo books! SO excited to use these! 

We went shopping for "Unique Junque" this weekend in Niagara Falls.  Jeff and I stop at Antique Stores for fun to break up our trips- and see what we see. This time, my favorite treasure was a filthy Barbie leg.  That's it. Just a dirty, dirty leg that a dog may have dug up and brought home.  It was $1.  I was so tempted because I thought the owner may just have so many questions as to why I bought it- especially if I had said, "I teach Kindergarten. This will be perfect. "  But I didn't do it.  I didn't even take a picture- but my description is spot-on- so you can just make your own picture! (That was a complete side track- I just felt the need to share since I was thinking of our shopping trip-)

Anyway, after that, we went to the Outlets- and into the Converse Outlet, where I kept thinking of Serena, from Magic Mistakes and Mayhem and her love of Chuck Taylors... :) They have tiny Chuck Taylor key chains, Serena!  Send me your address!

I was thinking about Amber, at School is a Happy Place, going back to school and probably being so tired last night- cause I just tried to organize my room for a few hours and was exhausted- with no children there! 

When I won Sara's (from Sara at School) Giveaway I was so excited to see my name! :) Her daughter did a GREAT job choosing the winner, by the way...  and thank you, Sara!  <3

I wanted to send spedies to Linda at Kinder Doodles because she used to live in Syracuse and actually knows what they are and misses them! (But it might be strange to receive meat in the mail from a stranger, maybe...) .

Dr. Jean wrote to me, and it might as well have been (insert FAMOUS STAR'S NAME here!).  I have used her ideas and songs for-evvvvver and think she is amazing.  Wow.

Dara Feldman shared her book with me, The Heart of Education, with me, about bringing joy, meaning, and purpose back to teaching and learning, and I am loving it. 

I was THRILLED with the Liebster fun and to be featured on Sarah's blog FCS and Then Some.
SO happy.

I could go on and on and on.  I am just a "Baby Blogger," and I am having such a wonderful time.  Thank you all for being you and letting me be a part of your world!  It is a really great one!


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