Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday Linky Party

I am linking up with Covered in Glitter and Glue for her  What I'm Loving Wednesday Linky Party.
I have a story I loved today, and some favorite Pinterest ideas for July 4th.

First of all, I loved this funny story  about a teacher named Dale Irby who wore the same thing for his school picture for...  40 years!!!  :)  The link has the pictures.  Here is the story:
Dale Irby is a man of integrity. He commits to a joke no matter how long it could last. At least, he did after his wife dared him to.
Irby was a sports teacher at a Dallas, Texas school for 40 years. He wore comfortable clothes normally but needed something presentable so he chose a shirt and vest. Then, he accidentally chose the same outfit the next year. At first, he was embarrassed. But his wife dared him to do it again so he did. Then he kept doing it for his entire teaching career.

Here are some samples-
I got a kick out of it, until I realized that I, too, have a similar situation- not quite as severe because I haven't taught 40 years yet, but I am headed down Mr. Irby's slippery slope. 
The first year I taught, 1986, I wasn't married yet. My future husband Jeff and I were shopping in KMart on one of our date nights, no doubt, probably after we had eaten at Taco Maker and gotten a donut at Mister Donut, because that was a perfect night for us!  (We have none of those places here anymore, which I wanted to make a frown face after, but thought again and realized it is probably for the best!)
Anyway,  I saw this sweater that I HAD to have for Valentine's day for school.  I remember it was $15- and I didn't really have $15 extra dollars...  and Jeff said, "When will you wear it?  Once a year??" Thinking that may persuade me to have common sense and say, "Yeah, you are right. It isn't worth it..."    Instead, he had NO idea that when I said, "YES," I meant that I would wear it once a year for 27 years!  HA!  So, I am more of a kindred spirit with this Mr. Irby than I probably want to be!
Here is the fabulous sweater, by the way:
Honestly, it looks hand-knit, and has worn beautifully. ( All 27 times I have worn it...)
The next thing I am loving are all of my Pinterest pins for July 4th!  I think we are going to visit our daughter in Niagara Falls tomorrow for the 4th, so we aren't having a picnic here to make these things this year.  I just thought  that I would share some favorites that looked really easy to do and fun!

Pop Rocks mixed with Sprinkles = Firecracker Frosting for Cupcakes or Cookies
Happy Fourth of July, and Thank you Covered in Glitter and Glue for hosting this linky party! :)
I can't wait to see what people are loving this week. 

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