Friday, July 26, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday? Yep!

I don't even think there is a Favorite Pins Friday linky- but I have some favorites, so guess what?! I am going to talk about them - and it is Friday- so...  Here we go! :)

My first and FAVORITE  pin is from Sarah (A Sunny Day in First Grade).  I was the LUCKY winner of her Elmer the Elephant packet from her TPT store.  I love introducing my class to Elmer each year, and this will make it SO much more fun. The activities she included in the packet are wonderful. Thank you SO much, Sarah! <3
Elmer the Elephant Printables & Craftivity!

Next, I found these Retelling Sticks as a FREE download  at Keeping it Captivating's TPT store. They will be so useful!
Freebie: Retelling Sticks

I loved this letter idea from Meaningful Mama.  This would even be fun to do as a send-home family project, with everyone making a different letter.

This idea was from Structured Play and will be really great for the beginning of the year!
Introducing writing name
These wonderful beginning year ideas are from Kindergarten Kindergarten.  I love her blog.  How simple, yet fabulous is this anchor chart?!
In her post she talks about purposely leaving the caps off the markers and glue, to show the children what can happen to them- and how important it is to take care of our school tools.  This is SO important to take the  T I M E to teach in the beginning of the year.  Sometimes it gets so busy those first few days, that I forget to teach these basics really well.  This is going to be one of my first Writer's Workshop lessons! She has so many other great ideas. Thank you, Kathryn!

Cara, at The First Grade Parade has a really good post about these confusing little characters, b and d.  There are lots of ideas to help the children remember their bifferences differences.
 The First Grade Parade: Is that a B?? Or a D???
She had an adorable little camping theme going on over at her blog, too.  Isn't this campfire crown just so darling?!

Last "schooly" pin is this cutie from To The Lesson . SO easy, independent, and clever. I think I am going to make fish on a poster board as a sort of mat for this activity- but the separate fish are really cute, too, and take up less room.  You could even use plastic fish with numbers on it- or two colors of stones and have fish with addition problems on them.  SO many options!

Now for some ... 
I have had a ball playing around with My Fridge Food! Well- not literally... but if you haven't seen this site, it's lots of fun to try.  You just check what items you have on hand, click,  and TA DA! Recipes appear that you can make with your ingredients.  (Look at that BACON CUP down there- is that even a real thing?!?!) Go ahead- Play with your food!

These were just sweet ones I kind of loved.

This was just so sweet/sad to me.  Aww- I just want to  hug those little fruits.

And I will leave you with these stools.  How do you NOT love these?! 
I hope you are all smiling- because no matter how many times I look at this, I still do!
Happy Friday!


  1. The stools ugh poor taste on a teachers blog.

    1. That comment. Ugh. Maybe go back to school and learn to laugh a little 😊 Carolyn would be a great teacher for you due to her light hearted nature and sense of humour!


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