Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday!

I am linking up with Cara for Favorite Pins Friday!
There are SO many favorites- I am going to start with school pins- and choose  pins that I am actually going to make this summer and try right away at school.

First, I like this permanent graph idea.  My kids are usually great at more than and less than- it is the
"How many more?" that is tricky. 

I also like this "Take Turns Bucket."  I use the cup in a cup idea, which works well, but how easy would these clothespins be? 
                                                           Peace, Love, and First Grade

This is what I have been using which has also worked well.

While I am on a clothespin kick, these sight word clips from Our Kinder Journey looked cute and easy to do for an independent center!

I am making these shapes for my tanagram shape sort right now so I can get them laminated. This will be a great independent math center for the beginning of school!
                                                          A Place Called Kindergarten

  I also love these number anchor charts from The Kinder Cupboard.

OK Now for some things I just love:

I love that Robyn Bomar did 38 Random Acts of Kindness on her 38th birthday.
I thought this was a great idea for medicine-especially for kids!

I KNOW these are fabulous! My mom has made these since I was little. Yum.
This may explain the reason for the following pin...
I want this to work before my daughter's wedding on July 13th.  Hmmmm.  I'm thinking that's not happening. 
 These "Nailed It" pins make me laugh every time.

And finally, just some love...
Have a wonderful weekend!  :)

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