Friday, July 5, 2013

Dollar Days Linky Party

Yes- we spent part of our morning on the 4th of  July at the Dollar Tree. 

And, yes,  I also have to say it was WONDERFUL!  :)  Of course the minute I got in line with my full cart, ten people decided to check out right behind me with two or three items- and I had that guilty feeling that I was wasting their time.  Why do I do that?  Well, I am over it (obviously not because I just wrote about it, but I am much better... :)  and here are some of my finds today.   

I am linking up with A Teacher Without a Class- Dollar Days .  Stop over and link up with some of your favorite Dollar finds! 
A Teacher without a Class
Here we go!
I use these for patterning, sorting, counting, adding, subtracting, showing more/less, graphing, and  stringing onto yarn for necklaces.  I do an ice cream math sheet where each cone has a number, and I use these for the "scoops" of ice cream the children count for the cone.
These are another staple for the beginning of the year.  I love using these to have the children make shapes, letters, add, subtract, make tally marks, show me more or less...  lots of ideas- and then they make a great snack that usually every child likes.

These are just to refill my "warm fuzzy" container.  :) Hopefully we will go through  A LOT of these!
Last year, I got lots of these blue glass stones from the Dollar Store and filled my "Have Your Filled A Bucket" bucket with them.  After we read the book, I gave each child one to keep in their pocket or by their bed to remember to fill buckets.  I keep a full bucket of these for all of us to remember at school.
These are for my little gals who need some help with hairdos in the morning. :)  I even have girls come back from years past to have me braid their hair or put it in a pony tail.  And- I always have some come in on Wacky Hair Days looking for some crazy idea.  I love that they know they can always come to me.  Some little girls I have don't get that kind of attention at home at all, and just love to have somebody fuss over them a little- and then they feel so special with their pretty hairdo.  That is WELL worth the dollar! 
 This looked SO cute.  My kids always love their gold.  The leprechauns always leave us some, of course, but we also have some in our pirate ship for play, and to use with our pirate counting game. 
My husband looks at our driveway and sees a stone driveway that desperately needs to be paved. 
I, however, look at it with a much more optimistic eye and see treasure.  
This is some sort of "Leprechaun Math" I think!  ;) 

I am going to try these for nametags on the tables this year. I am going to write the names, laminate them, and try Velcro on the tables.   I have done the contact paper, the shipping tape... so time for the Velcro!  Some days, I am going to pull a switch-a-roo and instead of their NAME- it will be a ... SIGHT WORD at their spot!   :)  Can't wait!

I bought 5 packs of each of these to use for sorting, patterning, counting, adding, and subtracting.
I guess 5 packs of each might disqualify it for a dollar purchase, but...
These cuties will be for sight word games or math games- probably when my mother comes in and works one on one for RTI.  She can have the child put a favorite dinosaur on "see" or find both of the "like" words  and put matching dinosaurs on the words.

Envelopes are some of the most fun things to have at the Writing Center!  I also use a bunch of them for Writer's Workshop after we read The Jolly Postman and everyone decides they need to put all of their ideas in little letters.  I put a limited number out at a time at the Writing Center. :)
We use lots of highlighters in Reading Centers.  We find letters, sight words, punctuation marks- you name it! 
 You would have had to buy these, too.  I just know it...  I am not even quite sure what I will do with these.  They would be great for chosing partners, addition/subtraction facts, contractions- oh so many things!
 I love having Bugles on hand- for those children who  forget to get that finger in there for one to one correspondence in their A and B reading books.  They are just a fun reminder to point to each word.
(When a cute little 5 year old's finger is in a Bugle it doesn't look so creepy. Ha! I just don't have any cute little 5 year olds handy, so I was the finger model.)
I didn't buy these BUT they were only a dollar.  I found an entire Pool Noodle Pinterest Page with TONS of ideas for using these, so in case you are interested, they are only a dollar at the Dollar Store!

That's about it-  Aren't you glad you weren't behind me in line?  We also got other things not for school (surprise, surprise), like gift bags... you cannot NOT buy gift bags at the Dollar Store- or is that just me?! Jeff got like three things and went to the car to read the paper.  Bless his heart. :) 
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