Tuesday, July 16, 2013

100 Followers Give Away!

I am so excited to have 100 Bloglovin' Followers! I have been watching that number over there on the side...ok- maybe a teeeeeeny tiiiiiiny bit obsessively...

I am going to "give away the store" to celebrate!  I will send the winner ALL of my Prezis in my TPT store just to say ~


Making Prezis is really kind of my "hobby" I have decided. I sort of LOVE them... 
I have so much fun making them- and I use them every single day in my classroom. There are TONS of different things you can do with Prezis. It's fun to play around with them. The ones I have here and use most are like "zooming posters" where I put together ALL of the best links, interactive activities, and videos that I could find for each subject- as well as links/ideas for teachers- so all of the information is in one place, easy to access, and right at your fingertips to use.  I usually have 3 up on the Smartboard all the time, so it makes it very easy  bring up whichever one I need for a quick lesson or to fill some of those "extra minutes."
Here are screenshot pictures of each Prezi.
The other Prezis at my TPT Store are free!  They are Kindergarten Websites, Frog and Toad, My Favorite Things, Earth Day, The Power of One, and Play Every Day.  
I'd love you to be a part of the giveaway!   I appreciate all of you following my blog so much. 
I have just had a ball writing, sharing ideas, and finding the BEST ideas from all of you.  I feel  like I have made a hundred-plus more friends- really, really clever, creative, smart, funny, sharing, sweet friends.  What could be better than that?  THANK YOU!
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