Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord

I am linking up with Michelle at Fabulous in First for her Sunday Smorgasbord!
First of all, I found this little random confession as I was cleaning out my school bag.

This was a morning work lesson, where the children could write about and illustrate anything they wanted.  She decided to tell me that she was really weird because she hates baby alligators so much.  This is the same little sweetie whose favorite thing is seaweed and who is HORRIFIED by screaming goats.     I am thinking SHE is the one who needs to be blogging!  I just sort of want to follow her around with a recorder and capture her thinking for a book.  She will be a fun one to keep track of as she grows up- cause she is quite a character, too! 

My next  random thing is this picture.  This is the picture I took really quickly one day that inspired me to name my blog "Holding Hands and Sticking Together."  I love how kindergarteners just head out the door with a friend and grab for a hand.  LOVE THAT. 

Okay- this is one of my fabulous Dollar Store finds!  I love getting my gift bags at the Dollar Store, as I have said, but there may have been a particular reason this one was not in a fancy Hallmark store for sale...  The funniest thing was that I didn't even notice the mistakes and gave it to my daughter with one of her birthday- or should I say "blrthday"  presents in it.  She noticed it right away- and it is one of our favorite bags to use now, as you can imagine!
That's it for today- just some quick, random, summer fun!  Thank you for stopping by!
I'll leave you with a favorite teacher "Hey girl" collage! 

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