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What I'm Loving Wednesday & Liebster Answers

I am linking up with Covered in Glitter and Glue for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1.  First of all, my daughter got married this past weekend. It was so beautiful and fun- and I just loved these pictures of my husband dancing with Ellie.

2.   I was looking at my pictures this morning and realized that I look at this sweet, sweet picture of my friend's daughter EVERY DAY- and it just gives me such joy every single time.

My friends adopted  5 precious children and have one of their own.  Four of the children have Down's Syndrome.   My other friend- her sister- adopted 3 children- two with DS.  They are the SWEETEST children in the world and just make me happy- so I had to include them in the love today!  The children's classroom is at the end of the hall in my school, so they are going back and forth lots during the day for hugs- well not really just for hugs -PROBABLY the teacher would say for other things... , but I get LOTS of hugs, so I feel like they go back and forth all day just for me! :) How is that for love?!  LOVE. 

3.  I also LOVE  Rachel Macy Stafford's blog Hand Free Mama. 

These posts The Day I Stopped Saying Hurry Up and Notice the Good are so beautiful.  Everything she writes is, really.  It just makes you cry think.   ;)

4.  Another post I loved this week was  Dan Pearce's Tired of Running.  I also LOVE You Just Broke Your Child. Congratulations . I love his blog, Single Dad Laughing. (Have I used "LOVE" an appropriate number of times?! )

5.  I also love that I reached 100 Bloglovin Followers!  :)  SO HAPPY.  Stop over and enter my Giveaway!  :) THANK YOU SO MUCH.  XOX
Now for some-


I want to thank Ms. Lindle at Lindle's Little Learners and  my wonderful blogging friend Serena at Magic Mistakes and Mayhem for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  You are both so very sweet and I am so honored that you nominated me. :) I already nominated some blogs, but I will answer some questions about me.  :)

First- from Lindle Little Learners:

1. If you could teach any grade level, which grade level would it be and why?
I love, love, love Kindergarten because they are so sweet and eager to learn and love learning.
2. What is your favorite subject to teach and why?
I really enjoy teaching reading- and also science and health because the children are so excited to learn and remember new things.
3. Do you have a classroom theme? If so how often do you change themes?
My classroom is mainly primary colors. Our school was an old middle school so the rooms are NOT primary rooms (no space, no sink, no storage... haha) And we can't have fabric up at all - so I try to make it a happy, bright place for everyone.
4. What is your favorite thing about teaching?
Really listening to the children and getting to know them- and those moments when you "see" the learning happen!
5. How long have you been blogging?
Since last March!
6. What is your favorite school related app or computer program to use?
7. What is your favorite non-school related app or computer program to use?
Does Candy Crush count?  I am really not good at it... but oh so hopeful...
8. Do you have iPad's in your classroom?
Yes, we each have 5 iPads in the classroom.
9. What technology would you be lost without?
Probably my school computer.
10. Do you have a Promethean Board or Smart Board in your classroom?
Smartboard- love it!
11. What other types of technology do you have in your classroom?
We had 5 desktop computers last year, but I think they are being taken out this year and we will only be using the iPads. 
OK Serena... Here I go!!! :)
1. If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be?
I will probably say chicken or pizza- cause I could change them up a little.
2. What do you do when you're not teaching, reading about teaching, thinking about teaching, planning for teaching or shopping for teaching?
Walking, talking or texting  with my kids, parents, husband, or friends, taking a fabulous nap on weekends, shopping some.
3. Do you prefer cheese or chocolate?
Cheese- cause too much chocolate gives me canker sores. :(   And I do love my CHEESE!

4. What is one of your pet hates?
WOW- I kind of love this question- it sounds way more serious than pet peeves!  Hmm- my pet hates are mean people ( cliché  but OH SO TRUE), dull pencils, rough fingernails or when I break a fingernail in the middle of something and can't stop to fix it- and I obsess over it,  people not using grammar or spelling correctly, the fact that I can not see up close anymore without glasses, and when people call me Carol not Carolyn- ok- that last one isn't a "hate" that is a pet-dislike.  WOW- they just flowed right out of me. Kind of scary.
5. If you could live in another country for a year (and teach) where would you choose?
Maybe Australia- that sounds very pretty.
6. If you could choose any country to go to for a holiday where would you go?
I would settle for a holiday in the USA to start with... :) 

7. Do you sing loudly when no one is around to hear? (Or even better when people are around to hear) Yes!  And the only other time is in front of people who are 5 or 6. 
8. If you had to choose between not being able to smell anything or not being able to taste anything what would you choose?
OOO Good one!  WOW.   I would add them right to my pet HATES. They both would be so horrible. 
I guess not tasting. That drives me crazy even when I have a cold!
9. What is your all time favourite movie?
It seems to be whatever romantic comedy I have just seen.  I love those Nicholas Sparks movies.  OH- here you go- Anne of Green Gables and Cinderella.  BAM!  :)  Loved them both. 
10. What's your favourite music/ band or artist?
I love listening to Michael Henry and Justin Robinett.  They play piano and sing cover songs together and are SO good and easy to listen to.  (I know- ending with a preposition is incorrect grammar...  It does sort of drive me crazy but I am leaving it just to become more tolerant.)
11. When you were a little kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
I do remember wanting to be a maid and clean toilets when we would go on vacations.  I wanted to be a waitress, and did that and really enjoyed that after high school.  I always wanted to be a teacher and played school all the time with my stuffed animals. I remember pulling down the shade in my bedroom and showing my "class" movies with our View Master projector- so yeah- teacher!
My couple random points would be that
1. I write and eat with my left hand, but do practically everything else with my right hand.
2. Everything I seem love goes away- like Lipton Cherry Almond tea, Hollister Ryder perfume, Victoria Secret Sweet Cravings mood lotion,  Coffee mate Chocolate Raspberry creamer... I am like an "anti- marketing whiz!" If I like it- it is sure to go away- so ... beware!  (only material things, fortunately... NOT like people! haha That would sound so emo!)
Thank you again so much for thinking of me.  You made my day!  :)







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