Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beginning Reading and Writing Prezis Bundle

I am linking up with Amy at 24/7 Teacher for her first linky party! :)  YAY! Amy!

I thought this was a great picture for everybody to remember about success- especially for teachers, who sometimes might look at a student  and think they aren't "getting it."  We just never know! ;) 

I am also sharing my Beginning Reading Prezi and Primary Writing Prezi from  my TPT store.  I just finished updating these and thought I would bundle them together for a bit!  

Here is a sample of my Chunky Monkey Reading Strategy Prezi ( which is part of my Beginning Reading Prezi) so you can see what they are like.
I started making Prezis as just another way to really utilize my Smartboard in the classroom- most efficiently for me.  I was tired of having links all over the place and decided to group them so they would be more "user friendly."  I had taken a course on Technology in the Classroom- and just  had a ball making  Prezis!

I had lots of links to games and activities on these Prezis before- but I  added some of my favorite anchor charts to the them.  I don't have lots of wall space in my classroom. (That is being generous... I have like ZERO! ;)   This way, during Reader's Workshop or Writer's Workshop, I can have up the Prezi and zoom in on an anchor chart that goes along with our mini lesson for the day, and it is up on the Smartboard- without needing wall space! TA DA!  It also makes it so easy to review a concept with the whole group or small groups for RTI - or quickly pull up an activity if we have a few extra minutes.
I love these things because they are just READY TO GO- and I can just add to them whenever I find a new game or activity that would be helpful!

Here is what they look like. If you aren't familiar with using Prezis- the kind I made for these are like zooming posters.  If you touch a picture, it zooms forward on the Smartboard. You can touch a link and go right to that activity.  You can also use them on a computer for links and resources.

The Beginning Reading Prezi includes the Kindergarten Common Core ELA Standards with activities for each, Teacher Resources, Reading Strategy anchor charts, several online sites that provide books to read on the Smart board, different genres of books to read, Sight Word Songs and Videos and other Youtube videos about reading, rhyming links, and a link to Word World videos.

The Primary Writing Prezi has many teaching points and activities to accompany the Common Core Writing Standards. It includes a section for teachers with links to the CCSS for Writing and ideas for each standard, as well as the links to great activity ideas to use in your classroom. It includes story starters; reminders and anchor charts of what is needed to correctly write a sentence (as well as lots of practice game and activity links); practice writing paper so students can practice their writing right on the Smartboard; posters with elements for writing and rubrics; an original punctuation poem that I use every day in my class with motions to help my students learn the names and purpose of punctuation marks; and games and activities to practice writing sentences, labeling, and reading and writing words. 

I use both of these almost every day during our Reading and Writing Workshop time, and actually throughout the day for reminders and RTI-  and thought they would be helpful to sell together.  You can get them here.  I hope you find them useful as well!

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