Saturday, July 6, 2013

Promoting TPT in Schools

I have been having so much fun on Teachers Pay Teachers, looking at all of the fabulous, helpful educational activities you gifted teachers have created. Summer is finally when we have a chance to take the time to really look at all of the amazing resources available to teachers.
 I must have also been talking about it quite a lot, too, because today as my husband and I were driving, he had a wonderful idea!

My husband is a Superintendent of Schools at a neighboring school district to the one where I teach.  He didn't know much about TPT- except that I had put some of my Prezis on there- but he really wasn't aware of all the treasures and value it holds for teachers.  Well- now he is! ;)    Today he decided that he is going to give each of the teachers in his district money to use specifically to buy TPT items for school.  
This made me think about my school district- and although I can't designate budget money to be used for Teachers Pay Teachers, I am the Teacher Representative for our school's Parent Group.  The group is always looking for ways to spend money they raise to help the students and teachers.  Last year, they gave each teacher money for supplies for the classroom. This coming year, they are giving each teacher $50. I may suggest that they give each teacher maybe at least part of that money as a gift certificate toward TPT resources. 

I was wondering if any other school districts already do anything like this? I know teachers spend LOTS of their own money on TPT resources, but I thought this would be another way to  support all of the creative teachers working so hard to make such valuable resources available and to introduce teachers to TPT who may not be very familiar with it yet. 

I would love to hear from you, if anyone has any input or experience with this idea! 

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