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Throwback Thursday- Classroom Books!

I am linking up with Cara at The First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday! Thank you, Cara, for hosting this!
I was looking through my Beginning Year folder and trying to make a list of all the pictures I WANT to take to use in the classroom.  Basically, the first few days feel like I run a photography studio. I love getting pictures of the children taken and sent home to the parents that first day- so they know their child had a great time, made friends, and was happy! :) When I first taught, I remember going to One Hour Photo after that first day- exhausted- and getting the pictures developed so I could send them home quickly.  (Don't you feel like I should also say I had to walk uphill both ways to school or something? Like I am SO OLD- we had to go to One Hour Photo!  Does anybody remember sending film away to Clark Photo and being so excited that they would be back in 5 days?!  How about flashcubes? wow... OK- THERE is a Throwback for you! 
 OK- 'flash' forward ...(wow, Carolyn...)   Of course I also take that "First Day" photo to save and compare at the end of the year. Then there are the others I just want to use in the class for other things- matching games, learning names... 
This is one thing I like to make and keep up as a reminder all year.   I take each child's picture holding the cards "I can" and we write class rules that we can follow.  I like to get this done the first week. 

This activity goes along really well with Eric Carle's book From Head to Toe.  My sister's Kindergarten classroom made an adorable class book that she shared with me- and I want to try this year.  I love how she made the pictures  look Eric Carl-ish!

 Here is my post about some other Classroom Books I love to make! 

Math Common Core and Other Classroom Books

My Kindergarteners LOVE our class books.  They are always reading them and asking to take them home to show their parents.  I laminate the pages, punch two holes in each page, use two book rings to hold them together- and they last all year long!

Today I was playing around with ideas for a Math Class Book to make next year, including lots of our Common Core Standards.  I will make the book with my children from next year's class, but here are some sample ideas I thought of so far. :)  My camera was acting up- but you get an idea. 

(for some reason that picture reminded me of The Breakfast Club group!  Anybody remember that movie?  :)

 These guys CRACKED me up! :)

I had to take advantage of my twins for "same."  :)

There are so many other possibilities.  I keep writing them down. I just wanted to share the idea!

Here are some sample pages of the other class books that we made this year:

The first two full weeks of school are our "Color Weeks."  Each day the children wear a specific color.  We make a "Colorful Class" book and a "Crazy Colorful Class" book with silly pictures. 

Here is another beginning of the year book we make that helps us learn each other's names:

Our "Feelings" book is one of my favorites. I save this book from every year and love to look back at all of them.  This little sweetie just joined our class before Spring break, so we had lots of fun looking through this book learning friends' names.

I loved her reaction to this page. :)

Our "Opposites" book is another favorite every year.

I made a Sight Word Prezi using these class pictures, and then printed them off and made a book for each child to take home as another way to practice our sight words.

For this book, we read Block City and lots of other construction books.  I kept them out by our block area so the children could read them or use them for ideas when they created.
Then, after the children created a special block structure of their own, I took pictures and we made our own "Block City" class book.  Here are some samples:

Thank you for stopping by and sharing our books!

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