Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Loving Wisdom for New Teachers Linky Party

I am linking up with Fabulously First! for her Loving Wisdom for New Teachers Linky Party.

Fabulously First
I have been teaching Kindergarten for 10 years, and homeschooled my children in between my public school teaching years.  I love this idea for sharing advice.  Any of us can benefit from reading each other's words of wisdom- whether we have been teaching for 1 year or what feels like 100 (or 200 for you, my dear Sandy!  ha ha! ;)
Here are some simple words of wisdom from me.
Pretty simple!  I just try to think how I would want to be treated and try to do that.  (Hmmm- The Golden Rule!)

Every single person in that school- child and adult-  wants to be treated kindly and made to feel special and appreciated.  

Here is one picture of me I keep in my school bag just so I never forget I was once a little Kindergartener so excited to learn, scared of not doing something right, wanting to make friends, and trying so hard to make my teacher happy even though I would make mistakes while trying!
Also, never, ever forget that children GROW UP and have memories! Not necessarily the ones you plan for them to have, but their own memories of you and of school.  So give them so many happy moments that they can turn into happy, positive memories.  (And because SOME DAY the grown up version of that little character in your class may be your doctor, your lawyer, your mechanic,  your house builder, your plumber, your neighbor...)

I think this is so important to me because I was (ok probably still am)  so sensitive- and I hold grudges had (have) a good memory for ridiculous details.  My 2nd grade memory is me getting yelled at in front of everyone  for cutting a leprechaun out of the wrong green paper. I was supposed to use the dark green and I used light green.  :(  Leprechauns were always sort of a sore subject for me after that.   So, yeah, I might be a tad sensitive- and should probably let that go now... 

I love this saying, too-
I can't wait to go over to Debbie's blog and read everybody's words of wisdom! Thank you for hosting this, Debbie!

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