Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord!

Time to link up with Fabulous in First for Sunday Smorgasbord! Thank you so much for hosting this each week, Michelle. 

First- I want to start off with this Random Act of Kindess Freebie my friend Susanna from Whimsy Workshop made.  I actually GASPED when I saw it posted on her Facebook page!  It's a home project to get your students (and families) in the wonderful random acts of kindness mindset.  I just love this. Thank you Susanna! She shares some of her other ideas for her Kindness Curriculum here.

A teacher in a town not to far from me created a Facebook page called Mrs. Andrew's 2nd Grade Kindness Project, trying to get a million likes for people doing random acts of kindness. 

I love Dan Pearce's blog Single Dad Laughing.  He shared this video about "Reverse Pickpocketing."  The thing that struck me about it was how happy the people looked after they gave away the envelopes. It was fun to watch. 

I found this wonderful poster that I really liked- and the best part is, you can download it FREE at Kind over Matter . Isn't it a fun idea? 

My next favorite thing of the week is this Sight Word Zoo Writing Packet!  

Susanna's artwork is A-DOR-A-BLE.  Look at those faces.  But there's more- it's really soooo great for learning sight words and writing- just look at all the activities each book includes!

In her post about this series, she gives a great overview of what each book offers.  I can't wait to use these with my new class.  Just the characters will make me smile every time we use them, so that is great for me. For some reason, when their little arms hang down at their sides, I just want to scoop them up and hug them.  Maybe that is why I am teaching Kindergarten, do ya think? Speaking of that...

I thought I would share with you probably one of the main reasons I became a teacher...
Yes. True.  I just bought my new supply for this year.  They bring me such joy. I really do remember being little, watching a teacher use one, and thinking that it may be the cooooolest thing I had ever seen.  I needed to be involved in a profession where I would be using one of these. Not a stethoscope. Not a gavel.  A two-sided pen.  As a seasoned veteran, I can also tell you that the medium points are far superior to the fine points.  You're welcome. 

I will leave you with these guys.  I found them at the Dollar Store- and their eyes just screamed, "We can help teach your students about looooking at pictures in books!"  I love Eagle Eyes- but it's fun to have lots of reminders and different ways to help the children remember to LOOK.  There were 6 colors- so... obviously I couldn't leave one behind.  I lined them up to take their picture- and look at Mr. Orange rolling his eyes at me!   Welllll... that just made me  laugh after I took the picture-

So I tried again and they all acted up...(Yes- I spent time arranging them this way the second time- the first time was a legit eye roll. Yes- I am really easily amused. Insert Twitter hashtag #whatiswrongwithme...)  Anyway, this picture reminded me of  my class when I say, "EVERYONE LOOK RIGHT AT THE CAMERA!" 

I also got  slinkys (sorry- "springs!;) to help with Stretchy Snake words- and also for s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g out stories with more details.
Looking back on this post, I would say that YES- it is random enough!  :)
Have a wonderful day! Thank you for stopping by!

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