Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Liebster Award Answers!

Thank you so much, Elyse, at Happily Teaching  and Tasha at A Tender Teacher for Special Needs for nominating me for the Liebster Award. Both of these blogs are wonderful- very thoughtful and fun to spend time reading!  I appreciate your nomination so much.    I already did nominate some other blogs, so I will answer the questions!  You probably already know too many random things about me! :)
(from Elyse)

1.  What is your favorite thing to use in your classroom?
I love, love, love sharp, Ticonderoga pencils, my great Exacto pencil sharpener, and my great read alouds.  I know I should say iPads, the Smartboard, or something smart  like that but... oh well.

2.  If you had one extra hour in every day, what would you do?
I should say exercise and I shouldn't say take a nap with my soft, soft blanket. 

3.  If you could pick one song to describe you, which would it be?
I like The Joy of the Lord is my Strength by Twila Paris. 

4.  If you had to pick another career, what would you pick?
I would probably be a nurse.  I love helping people.

5.  Where did you go to college?
I went to the State University of NY at Cortland, which is about an hour from where I live. 

6.  What food could you never live without?
I should say some sort of fruit and should NOT say Wavy Lays potato chips and CHEESE.  I love those darn things for some reason. Hmmm.  Why do I have high cholesterol? I can never seem to figure that out?! 

7.  What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
Well, I love Biggest Loser, Long Island Medium, Swamp People, Chopped, House Hunters, and - no- they aren't the guilty pleasure ones- probably my guilty pleasure show would be The Real Housewives of NY or OC.  I don't see them regularly but sometimes on a Sunday afternoon if there is a marathon- I sort of get hooked. They are so messed up, they always make my life seem so drama free and easy.

8.  Who is your celebrity crush?
 I would say I always kind of loved every single movie Kevin Costner was in. (Do you youngsters even know who he is?! Ha!)  He was my celebrity crush.  Then he left his wife for some young thing and...  not so much my crush anymore.  I like Robert Downy Jr. and Mark Ruffalo in movies. 

9.  What is your most memorable birthday?
I remember my 8th birthday so plainly. We were on our way to visit my aunt and uncle in Virginia and my mom planned a surprise party for me at a rest stop along the way. I got one of those bubble wands that blows huge bubbles.  :) 

10.  If you had to switch grades, what grade would you teach?
I taught 2nd grade for a while and really enjoyed that age.  Or Pre-K.

11. What was the last song you listened to?
One Headlight by the Wallflowers- it was the last song I heard on my iPod. 
( from Tasha)
 1. What is your favorite thing to do during the summer?
relax, walk,  spend time with my family, actually make school things for the next year- with no pressure
2. What's your favorite holiday? Why?
I like Thanksgiving and Easter a lot.  There isn't any pressure of gifts, it is just fun, food, and family.
3. What would you want to do if you weren't a teacher?
I would be a nurse maybe with children or in a nursing home.
4. Do you live in the country or in the city? Do you like it?
We live in a small town- actually our town won ,"The Coolest Small Town in America" one year. That is our claim to fame I think.  I love our town.
5. Does blogging help you to be a better teacher? 
Yes, yes, yes- I love all the great ideas- and I love thinking of sharing ideas I come up with, too. 
6. What are your hobbies, when you aren't working on teacher stuff?
I like playing tennis and walking. 
7. Do you have any pets? 
one sweet, spoiled 12 year old cat named Peanut
8. What's your favorite place to eat?
We like going out to eat at comfortable places. My parents, sister and her husband, and Jeff and I meet every Sunday morning at Wegmans for breakfast.  LOVE that.  We have a Spedie and Rib pit we love to go to, and a favorite Chinese Buffet.
9. What's your style? (preppy, beach bum, sporty, etc.)
My pretend Pinterest style is FABULOUS.  My real style- not so much.  Is "regular" a style?  Ha..  I would say sporty, casual.
10. What's your favorite thing to watch? (something on TV, rodeos, sports, etc.)
I love cooking shows, house shows, romantic comedy movies, comedians.
11. Are you an Android or Apple person? 
I don't have an iPhone... We have all the kids on our cell phone account- so for now we are so happy to have the texting and calling and the bill that goes with NOT having us all on Smartphones.   I have an iPad from our school district, a Kindle Fire that I love and my iPod. 
I am not writing the 11 Random Facts- but here is one random story because today is my 26th wedding anniversary and I was thinking of this story:
Years ago I went to a meeting to learn about homeschooling. The room was packed and I knew no one. We did an icebreaker where we wrote a fact about ourselves and folded it up. When the leader read it, we had to guess who it was. Sounds fun. And easy. So I wrote, "I got married on the beach." BUT when she opened mine and read it, she read, "I got raped on the beach." WHAT?! So I raised my hand... Oh my gosh... and tried to explain. I don't even remember anybody laughing. I think they just pitied me for getting raped on the beach.  How's that for random! 
Thank you again, Elyse and Tasha, for the nomination. That means so much to me.
:) Carolyn

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