Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Made It

I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics  for Made it Monday!

I actually made some things today! NO- not a really healthy dinner for my family, not money, not a clean house... hmmmm...     BUT I did make some other simple treasures! 

First, I will start with the treasure!    I added to my stash for next year.  The children LOVE this gold.  Last year, I even had a 4th grader come back to ask for a piece because he had seen one of my kids on his bus with a piece and he remembered it and loved it. :)

Here is the recipe  :)
Start with this.
Spray with this. Shhhhh. Do NOT tell anybody that it is NOT real gold.   Let dry. Turn.  Spray again.
So easy and fun!
This was another simple thing I made today. I am taking it to school tomorrow with a bunch of stuff to send get laminated. I used the large sheets of construction paper, so they are bigger than they look in the picture.   I am going to use these sorting mats with my tangrams as an independent math center at the beginning of the year.
Our 3rd and 4th grade teachers asked us to teach 'rhombus' to the children instead of  'diamond,' because the children need to know 'rhombus' in the intermediate grades, so they thought they should just begin calling it a rhombus from the start. 
So NOW we have to change everything:
A diamond   A rhombus is a girl's best friend. 
He's playing down at the baseball diamond rhombus.
I have an ace of spades and a Jack of diamonds rhombi. (I looked it up- it can be 'rhombi' or 'rhombuses'!)
Gee, thanks, Common Core.  HA HA! :)
The last thing I made is to send home at our  Kindergarten Picnic, which we have one evening the week before school starts so the children and parents can come see the room and meet the teacher.  I am going to have these out with some other things at each child's seat.  I figure if even ONE child starts working on writing his/her name at home, it's worth it!  :)  The names are written on cardstock which I am also sending to be laminated.  The sponges I got 10 for a dollar at the dollar store- and cut in half- so they were cheap- and they work great as erasers  for dry erase markers on laminated paper. 
 (Numbers are on the back- in case someone wants bonus points!!! :)
 I just put everything in a Ziplock bag because I had lots of them.
That was my Monday Made It!  Now I have to make the bed cause the sheets just dried!  No picture of that, though.  ;)
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  1. Great idea!!! I always talk about it and work on it in the classroom. I love the idea of a "gift" looking item to send home. I am thinking I could have them use the ziploc or a sheet protector as the "lamination" and give different handwritting homework to use with it.


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