Monday, July 22, 2013

Ten Things I've Learned from Teaching Linky

I am linking up with Miss Kindergarten for her fun linky party!
I found this poster a while ago from One Savvy Mom, and I immediately thought of it for this post.

Let's see- I own this book...
AND this T shirt ( from ... Target! ).

 OK- Now I will start my 10 things... NOT all as philosophical as Mr. Rogers...

1.  You will never go shopping anywhere again without buying some THING for school. I can find reading phones in the piping aisle at Lowes, counters/ patterning/ sorting goodies in the cereal aisle at the grocery store, French fry containers from McDonalds...  Don't worry- husbands get used to it.

2.  Sign up for an early slot for pictures on Picture Day... just sayin... every moment is one moment closer to dirty. 

3.  If a child looks PANICKED and says his tummy doesn't feel right- send him to the nurse. Don't question it.  Don't suggest he "see how he feels" in a bit...sometimes that may be the thing to do...but just  be prepared to clear out of the room with the class while the janitor does his magic.

On a similar note- have some fun bandaids in the classroom so the children don't have to run to the nurse for everything! :)  Also, have some hairbands and combs on hand because some little girls need some extra tender loving haircare some days. 

4.  Be yourself.  Be real.  Have FUN with the kids.  Dance and play with them.
 They love you because you are you. It's really that simple.  They are so genuine and sincere.  Give that back to them. They can tell!  Sometimes all you need to do is share a laugh with the class. 
Apologize if you make a mistake and let them know it is ok.
 I'll never forget when one of my little girls asked me what was wrong with my face when I did a read-aloud when the parents were in the classroom.  She said, "Usually your face is like plastic and moves all around."  I guess I got sort of reserved all of a sudden with the grown-ups! (I really do wonder what faces I make, however, ever since that comment!)

5.  There will always be that ONE NAME that you swear you will never name your child.  You know what I mean!  (Mr. Rogers didn't have a poster for that one... hmmm...)

6.  Don't ever forget to notice and spend  time with those sweet, quiet little souls who don't require or clamor for attention. 

7. Little things are magical.  One skittle.  One m&m.  One hug.

8. Children's songs are extremely catchy and will go through your head alllll dayyyyy long!!!
Sing and dance to LOTS of songs! The more learning you can turn into a song, the better! 

9.  You get your money's worth from a great read-aloud .  When you love a book, the kids do too. They KNOW when you love a book- and they learn to know all about your favorite details.  My kids would always say, "Mrs. Kisloski- there are those action marks you LOVE!" (I must have made a huge deal of those one time- cause they were my favorites!) You can use a good book for SO many different lessons.

10.  And my favorite...
Be kind to all the adults at school.  Be kind to all the children at school.  Be kind to yourself and your own family.   That's all- just be kind! 

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