Friday, October 11, 2013

Five For Friday- October 11th

First of all, I just found this quote and loved it, so I had to share it.

Happy Friday! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for  Five For Friday! 

Here are some fun things we did this week!


Treasure Boxes are a quick and easy literacy activity that you already have and don't even know it!  Just gather "treasures" from your classroom into a box- and you are ready to go. (See where the name comes from?! :)  This is a SPECIAL treat for the kids that I only use every so often, and they love it. I love it.  We all love it.  Here are my two treasure boxes just to show you the randomness/simpleness.

This week, I used it for hearing sounds in words.  My top groups
s t r e t c h e d the words out already and wrote lots of sounds they heard.  My beginner groups were able to tell me the beginning sound of the treasure- and many times the ending sound.  Here are some samples from my top groups.  I had my beginners just tell me the sounds they heard this time, not write them. 
The order on front was turtle, baby, snake, pizza, egg.  The back was banana, chip, noodle, fish, frog.
They were ready to hear about the "ch" and "sh" sounds, as well as the "oo" in noodle. They love learning these new grown-up things.  It is a great exposure to new sounds in a small group.

These treasures are great for syllable practice, too. 

Sometimes for morning work, I have five treasures on the table, and the children have to write what they hear in those words on their paper, using their stretchy snake strategy!

You can also use your treasure box to have the children write  a sentence about one of the items you lay out.

Later in the year, I like to lay out five or six items, and  have the children write about and describe one of the items I have out. I have the children share their descriptions with class so we can all  guess which item was chosen from the description. I like to share their writing on the Elmo, so I can praise it up and point out all the wonderful letter formations, spaces, details...  This is a great activity that requires the children to add detail to their writing and write more than a few words- and it helps the children realize how important writing is for sharing information. 

This weekend,  we are shuffling off to Buffalo to stay over night and to watch my Emily swim in her first swim meet of her last season of college swimming! Go Niagara Purple Eagles!  I had to put that one in there!  

This is Jeff's masterpiece for his school district's town's scarecrow contest.  I wanted him to name it "Superintendent Man."  He didn't love that as much as I did. He was disappointed that Superman had to sit on a hay bale, but we could NOT get him to stand-let alone fly anywhere.  He is taking a break before saving the day.

I found this idea from I (heart) Crafty Things. I loved it!  We read A Bad Case of Stripes, and talked about how special and wonderful it is that we are all different.  We learned the word "unique."  We talked about how even though we all like different things, grow at different times, are able to do some things sooner or later than our friends, or look different on the outside,  we are all alike because we want to have friends, we want friends to be kind to us, we want people to fill our buckets.  We are all alike because in our classroom we are kind friends and we try to fill other people's buckets. 
We read ABC I Like Me.
During small group time, I had each child write, "I like me!" on his/her striped pictures.  We talked about starting with a capital letter, leaving spaces between words, neat printing, and that fabulous exclamation point!  They did a great job!

After this activity, we did our little M&M's character ed activity.  First the children get to choose their favorite color m&m and eat it.  The next time, they have to close their eyes and pick an unknown color and eat it.  THEN, they have to tell me what color they ate. 

After they decided they can't tell the color- we talk about how that outside color doesn't matter, but we are all the same on the inside, like those M&M's - no matter what we look like on the outside- red hair, brown hair, blue eyes, tall, short... (Don't you just want to sing, "Red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in His sight?" right now? :) I do!)

We model how it is NO FUN to cheat because it ruins the game. It is easy to tell the color when you open your eyes and cheat... They sort of need to be reminded of that.  After that, I didn't have anyone even try to cheat.  I learned that once the jig is up- you don't even try to pull it off.

Without further ado...# 5...  If you haven't gotten a chance to see my TPT FREEBIE Posts- you can click on the pictures below to check out some  LOTS of awesome freebies for Halloween!

(These were for my cat cookies or for your Halloween cats!)

OH Wait- a couple more quick "ados"  (is that a word?! no. Pretty sure. no.) Anyway, I just started a FACEBOOK PAGE!!  YES I DID! 
I was so nervous- not quite sure why I was so nervous, but to give you some idea, I made it in July and just got the nerve to publish it.  I KNOW.  WHY?!  Anyway, if you would like to stop by and like it, I would love you for it.  It is Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together.   Thank you. :) 

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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