Monday, October 7, 2013

Old MacDonald Learns His Letters!

I wanted the title to be, "I wrote a song!" It sounded like a  Piggie and Elephant book.
But I didn't really write one at all.  Actually,  I changed the words to another song again and made a new one. But that title was too long for a post- and not nearly as untrue dramatic as saying I WROTE one...  And NO it isn't a clever, wonderful, original  Debbie Clement diddy- or a great little Learning Station song- but it works for me, so I wanted to share it.  I just changed a few of the words from the original hit song.  You may already even do it!

The beauty of this song is that it works for SO many things. Right now, we are working on letters, sounds, and sight words.  First we sang it with letters.  I chose three that I wanted to review.  We use different ones each time.  I will put in "t," "m," and "d," to show you. 
(Tune: Old MacDonald Had a Farm)
Old MacDonald had a farm,
with animals and hay.
And on his farm he had some letters
that he loved to say.
With a  t, t,  here
an m, m there
Here a d. There a d,
Everywhere a d, d.
Old MacDonald had a farm
with animals and hay.
Sometimes we may say that on his farm he has some sounds, and have to say the sounds. They love the "u" sound - probably because I tell them it sounds like they got punched in the stomach when they make that sound.  That may be why...  They also love the "i" sound because I always make sure I see everyone wrinkling their noses when they say that sound.
You can do blends, too-  With a "sh, sh" here; A "ch,ch" there...
He can have words on that farm, too.  With a "me, me" here; A "can, can," there; Here a "he." There a "he." Everywhere a "he, he."   (They love that one because it sounds like laughing.)
Guess what?  He can even have numbers on his farm- or shapes.  Have fun!
We do another version for vowels. I found this on Youtube!  I like how they say the letter and say both sounds in this version- plus they sign it!  WOW!

Our other vowel song is a quickie to the Bingo tune:

I know a class who knows some letters,
Vowels are their name-O
and sometimes even Y Y Y.
Have fun!
Now it's time to fold the clothes. E I E I O!


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