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**I've updated this post HERE with lots of new freebies!  Sometimes freebies go away and other great ones are posted, so this post has the most up to date freebies!  Enjoy!

 I will share some things I do with my class, then LOTS of FABULOUS spider freebies I found!

 I guess I should start with
It is a sweet book, and I could take a lesson from it...  I know. 

I also, of course, love The Very Busy Spider.
I use this book to remind my children that during center time I am a very busy teacher, working with a group, so non-emergency questions will have to wait until I am done with the group.  If my spider is on my board or table, I am very busy. My friend Betty sent me a precious little spider card that I am using now.  I found this little hexagon spider beanbag to make from Sewing and Beyond. How cute is he?

First Grade Blue Skies has a great Very Busy Spider Beginning, Middle, End Writing Prompt FREEBIE at her TPT store. 
 Very Busy Spider Beginning, Middle, Ending & Writing Prompt
One fun thing I have done, is to spray paint a spider web (without the spider in it- of course) and then bring black construction paper up behind the web.  The real web is captured on the paper.  The children love to study a real spider web this way with magnifying glasses! These are a couple webs I have gotten: (No wonder spiders are mad at me.)

We always marble paint with white paint, and add fingerprint spiders with eight legs.

I love to have the children learn to draw spider webs with chalk.  I draw a hexagon or an octagon on a paper with white chalk. (This sample is yellow. My real ones are in school now.  Forgive the yellow web!)  This year I am using hexagons, because we need to teach that shape. I sort of prefer octagons because it looks better and spiders have 8 legs, so it helps to reinforce that.  Either one is fine.
The children get a piece of chalk and draw a dot in the middle of the shape.  Next, I have them draw four circles, each one gradually getting bigger, around their dot.  Last, they connect the dot to one of the vertices.  Ta da !  A perfect web and a great little drawing activity. 

Here is the octagon web. I do like that better.

We use these as workmats with a spider ring.  I have the children practice their positional words with the spider ring.  We put him inside, outside, over, under, above, and below the web.  We put him beside, on top of, underneath, between, in front of, and behind other spiders. 

Cindy Conley made a Spider Position Words Student Reader FREEBIE that would go right along with this beautifully!
Spider Position Words Student Reader

There are so many cute spider snacks.  I have always made spiders from a prune and six pretzel sticks.  How mean am I?  Most of the kids haven't even had a prune before. I describe it as a big raisin.  Sort of...   They actually like these.  Really.  

Almost Unschoolers has a tastier looking spider treat-
Sweet Treats and More shows how to make these darling webs on her blog ( and says they are easy... but I have made seen enough Pinterest fails to wonder about that. :)

and of course there are these bad boys that may beat out a prune...
There are lots of non-food spider activities, too, by the way! 

Here is a fun version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, called the Isty Ditsy Spider (Bitsy's little brother... :)  by the Learning Station!  So much fun for the kids to try with a partner!
Laurie Rupp shared a wonderful Itsy Bitsy Spider Theme Set FREE at her TPT store!
Itsy Bitsy Spider Theme Set -Kindergarten

Mom Endeavors shared  this precious spider craft:

Doodle Bugs Teaching shared this adorable Silly Spider Art Pattern.
007  KidSparkz FREE Spider Theme Letters would go perfectly with them for a bulletin board.  LOVE those letters!

SPIDERS Theme Set of Large Alphabet Letters - FREE
Guess what? KidSparkz also has Spider Numbers 0-20 and Ten Frames FREE!  So clever!
SPIDERS - Set of Large Numbers 0-20 plus 10-frames FREESPIDERS - Set of Large Numbers 0-20 plus 10-frames FREE
AND a free Spider Number Matching Game!  KidSparkz is AWESOME!

FREE Spiders Number Posters and Matching Card Game 0-10FREE Spiders Number Posters and Matching Card Game 0-10
Look at Lisa Goodell's Spider Web Alphabet Clip Art FREE at her TPT store!  So cute!
Spider Web Alphabet Clip Art in Ivory - SAMPLER
Growing in PreK made a great Six Silly Spiders Dice Game FREEBIE! How fun is that?!
6 Silly Spiders
Jennifer Hier has a Counting Spiders Emergent Reader FREEBIE that would
be so much fun for this unit! 
Counting Spiders:  Emergent Reader Freebie
Kindergarten Smorgasboard shared these adorable  Spider Web Counting Cards FREEBIES- perfect to use with those spider rings!

Spider Web Counting Cards!Counting Spiders:  Emergent Reader Freebie
K is for Kinderrific has a cute Spider Cut and Match Numbers FREEBIE.
FREEBIE:  Spider cut & match numbers 0-10

Katie Hess made this  wonderful Ten Frame book FREEBIE at her TPT store that is good for SO many things- dots, dabbers, stickers, fruit loops- even spiders! Thank you, Katie!

Jen Jones made a cute little Spider Book FREE that would be fun for the children to illustrate!

Jen's A Little Spider BookJen's A Little Spider BookJen's A Little Spider BookJen's A Little Spider Book

 Susan Moran Jones has a GREAT Spider Word Family FREEBIE at her TPT store.
Spider Word Families {Freebie!}Spider Word Families {Freebie!}Spider Word Families {Freebie!}
Katie Broome shared a fabulous Spider Facts Booklet FREEBIE at her TPT store.  This is a wonderful non-fiction mini-unit for spiders.
Spider Facts Booklet

The Kid Zone has lots of spider freebies and is a great site for some non-fiction spider study. You can check out the Kid Zone Spider Activities, the Online spider jigsaw puzzles. and the Itsy Bitsy Spider Book:

It really isn't an oxymoron! You can have fun with spiders.
Have a great week!

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