Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Magic Pumpkin!

My sweet husband came in to my classroom on his way to an afternoon meeting to carve our pumpkin. But this was no ordinary pumpkin, let me tell you.  This morning, I told my class that they have been SO good that Mr. Kisloski picked out a special,  magic pumpkin for them.  They all clapped.  It was precious.
After much chatter all day about the magic pumpkin, Mr. Kisloski came in after lunch.  First of all, it was noted that he was bigger than I  am.  That was a good thing for them to notice- since I am 5'4" and he is 6'2".  (One boy said, "You aren't bigger than 239! (meaning his BUS) and Jeff said, "Well, pretty close! (thinking he meant his weight...)  Oh the conversation confusion with five year olds.

Anyway,  last night, Jeff prepared our magic pumpkin by cutting the bottom and cleaning out the insides.  We packed it full of small, wrapped candies, and then put the bottom back on, holding it together with toothpicks.   The children never knew that the bottom had been "tampered with" and the pumpkin appeared to be untouched.  (Yes, it was $3...)

The children (with my help) decided on a happy pumpkin face, and the fun began.  We talked about what would be inside the pumpkin and how our hands would be dirty from the slimy, squishy insides. 

Then this happened...

I wish you could hear this moment!  :) 
Everyone got to eat a piece of candy and take home three in a baggie, while we (meaning Jeff) finished carving the pumpkin.

What fun!  I just wanted to pass it on, in case you wanted some magic of your own.
Have a wonderful night!

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