Thursday, October 10, 2013


Dry lima beans and a sharpie make fabulous ghosts for math activities!  We did lots of addition and subtraction stories, counting, and patterning with them this week. (Look at that little guy on the end! :)

I was looking for something else to do with my little ghost friends- and BOY did I ever find some great things!  Are you ready? I am no Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium...only Carolyn Kisloski, Upstate NY Kindergarten Teacher- but I definitely made a connection with MANY precious little TPT ghost...  Have a look!

I decided my ghosts would live in this new/old  haunted/gorgeous house. 
Clipart: Halloween Counting Ghost - Haunted House

Wouldn't you if you were a ghost??? They practically BEGGED me to live here.   It is FREE from Winterpix Wonder! It is their Clipart: Halloween Counting Ghost-Haunted House

Before I start with more FREEBIES,  I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you fabulous TPT Sellers who share your wonderful ideas, talents, and products.  If you download these freebies, please leave some great feedback to these sellers. (AKA 4 STARS!)  I am always amazed when I see thousands of downloads and maybe two ratings. I am even more furious  amazed when I see someone has left  3 Stars  and written "Great resource! Love it."  Really, 3 Stars? I feel like it is ME who got that rating and I am bugged for the seller!   So- enjoy these FREEBIES and leave some great loving feedback! (Don't you want to say, "Leave me 4 stars already...  ha! It's FREE!)  Enough with the rant- here we go!

Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard made these adorable Fall Themed Ten Frames FREEBIES.    No more plain old dots for us this fall! Thanks, Greg!
Fall Themed Ten Frames!Fall Themed Ten Frames!Fall Themed Ten Frames!Fall Themed Ten Frames!

Here is a great Ghost Numbers FREEBIE by Angela Hatt.
Ghost NumbersGhost Numbers

Ten Ghosts Number Order by Crayons and Curls has perfect little number cards.

Ten Ghosts Number Order Freebie!Ten Ghosts Number Order Freebie!

This Ghost Counting Math Center FREEBIE by Marilyn Anderson has haunted house mats that would be great to use with the ghost beans!

Ghost Counting Math Center
This Ghost Numbers 1-20 Game has cute little ghost number cards to twenty.
Ghost Numbers 1-20 Game
Scare the Ghosts by Tania Macarthy has cute little number cards, too.
Scare the GhostsScare the Ghosts

Teach with Laughter has an adorable  Friendly Ghosts Ten Frame Math Station FREEBIE.

Friendly Ghosts Ten Frame Math Station {Freebie}Friendly Ghosts Ten Frame Math Station {Freebie}Friendly Ghosts Ten Frame Math Station {Freebie}

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten TPT Store has some precious Halloween Math Freebies.
Halloween Math FreebiesHalloween Math FreebiesHalloween Math FreebiesHalloween Math Freebies

Classroom Imagination has a cute Halloween Ghost Addition Center.
Halloween Ghost Addition Center or Morning Work
Eric Van Raepenbusch has these cute Ghost Ten Frames FREEBIE.

Ghost Ten Frames

Eric made Ghost Counting Wheels # 1-6

Ghost Counting Wheel (Number 1-6)
and # 5-10!
Ghost Counting Wheel (Number 5-10)

and this Roll and Cover Ghost Game FREEBIE!
Roll and Cover Ghosts
Thank you, Eric! :)

This is a fun little morning work sheet by Tiffani Mugurussa called Ghostly Order.
Ghostly Order

Jennifer Knopf has these great Friendly Ghosts Number Tracers FREEBIES.
Friendly Ghosts Number Tracers

This Counting Ghosts Activity by Grade School Giggles has number cards and an adorable workmat. It would be fun to use with the lima bean ghosts!  It comes with ghosts, as well.
 Counting Ghosts Activity

Math Coach's Corner has a great Ghostly Make Ten FREEBIE.

Ghostly Make Ten
Still with me?  Well, there's more...
These little Ghost Feeling Cards from Winged One's TPT Store would be a great little character ed lesson.
Ghost Feelings: My Ghost Your Ghost

Nicki Thigpen has such a cute 5 Little Ghosts Book!  My kids LOVE it. Thank you, Nicki! 
5 Little Ghosts Book5 Little Ghosts Book

Look at this great Ghosts and Haunted Houses pack by Michele Pilon!
Ghosts and Haunted HousesGhosts and Haunted HousesGhosts and Haunted Houses

Here is her description: A perfect addition to your Halloween curriculum, this fun download includes a counting game, numerical order practice, identification of words that end in “g”, silent “e” introduction, ghost addition, a story starter, and a fun emergent reader about a hidden ghost.

These adorable Ghostly Contractions by Tammy Wathen are too old for  my guys right now, but would be perfect for first grade. SO cute!

Ghostly Contractions *Freebie*Ghostly Contractions *Freebie*Ghostly Contractions *Freebie*

Jennifer Knopf also has FREE Friendly Ghost Alphabet Tracers!

Friendly Ghosts Alphabet Tracers

How about some Ghost Themed Paper to write a scary story from Taming My Flock of Firsties? So much fun!

 Little Ghosts Themed Paper

Jessica from A Turn to Learn shared these great 22 Halloween Borders and Frames.
22 Halloween/October Borders and Frames!

Kindergarten Kiosk shared this precious Alphabet Letter Fluency Game. I love these graphics!

The Halloween Haunting: An Alphabet Letter Naming Fluency Game
Look at these precious letters!

My ghosts would love to live here, too!
 Mrs. Leeby made this great Spooky Syllables activity. What a fun way to teach syllables!
Spooky SyllablesSpooky SyllablesSpooky Syllables

So... if you weren't thinking of having a ghost theme in the next couple of weeks, you may want to reconsider now.  Have fun and have a BOO-tiful day! 


  1. WOWEE! Holy Smokes! Thanks for locating all these free treasures! Thanks to for the creators that posted them in the first place and put them out free of charge!

  2. THANK YOU! I appreciate you gathering ALL these spooky activities. We are most likely facing a canceled field trip (rain!) today and I'm up early searching for some engaging resources. You're a lifesaver!!
    Jen :)

  3. This is the first time I've ever visited your site but WOW! Thank you so much for putting all of these amazing (and free!) resources in one place! October, Fall, and Halloween are some of my favorite things. I can't wait to use these in centers!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I'm so glad you found some fun things! :)


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