Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Speedy Sight Word Practice

First of all, I had to share this picture.  Guess what shape we have been working on?  He did this all by himself during morning work, and it was kind of genius!

I wanted to share an easy and fun way to review sight words that I use a lot for lining up the class.  I have holiday themed sight word cards, and focus on about five words at a time.  I make four of each word- so I may use 4 "like" cards, 4 "was" cards, 4 "and" cards, 4 "see" cards, 4"can" cards.  A few minutes before we need to line up, I pass out a card to each child.  Then,  I say, "Anyone with 'like' may line up."  "Anyone with 'can' may line up." etc.   It is easy, takes really no extra time at all, and is a great little review.  Sometimes I have one card that says, "I am 1st."  or "You go up 1st."  They love this little extra.  When they line up, they just put the card in the little basket by the door.

It is also great for  number review.  I use LOTS of 12 and 20 cards... (Those are so tricky for my kids!)

For winter,  you can make "snowball" words.  Just write words on pieces of paper and wad them up- ta da- snowballs!  The children love to unwrinkled them and read their word.  Then, they just throw the snowball into the basket  by the door when they line up.  
I found this cute little Halloween Sight Word Spider Game FREEBIE by Klever Kiddos. (How did I miss that on my Spider Freebie post?! )  It looks like a fun little game- but the word cards would also be great for this line up review!  Just print out several copies of the words and use the ones you want.  The great part about these is that black and white ink is perfect for the spiders!  I have my cards on card stock and construction paper.  I should laminate them to last longer. 
Halloween Sight Word Spider Game
Click on the picture below to go check out my spider post with lots of Spider FREEBIES I found at TPT!

When the children get to be better readers- and if you have a little more time, you can give each child a simple sentence to read- statements, questions, exclamatory sentences.  This is great practice for both reading the words and using expression with different punctuation.  Here are some SIMPLE  "FLASH SENTENCES" that I made using only our Kindergarten Sight Words. (Just click on the picture if you would like them.)  You could copy them and cut them apart, or do whatever you would like with them.  I made strips that I have my kids read sometimes at the end of our reading lesson for fluency. (Not yet this year... but my top group is almost there!)    I also laminated them, cut them into strips,  and have them on a ring with our classroom books for the children to read.
Have a great day!

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