Friday, October 4, 2013

Five for Friday October 4th

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! YAY Friday!

Here we go!

My favorite part of the week was making our Cat Cookies!  You can read my post about them here and find links to all sorts of great Word Family Freebies from TPT.  They would be great with black frosting for Halloween cats!

Here is my Chunky Monkey part of my Beginning Reading Prezi. It has links to some chunking and word family activities, and some videos that I use for chunking words:

It is part of my Beginning Reading Prezi from my TPT store.  I also have a bundle of my Beginning Reading and Writing Prezis. I use them both a lot throughout the day.

You can click on the picture below to get a copy of my "recipe" for cat cookies!

UG.   It's just a fun word family and I had some quick things to share.  If you haven't seen this book- it is a keeper! PERFECT for the "ug" chunk.
I discovered it when I got it as a  gift for my best teaching buddy  who has a sweet little pug named Bugsy.  Well, then I had to get one for myself! Here's why...

 OK- warning- the last page is the funniest thing EVER when you are 5 or 6... maybe even older...

It really does teach that UG chunk though, now doesn't it?
Then there is
but nobody poops on the rug- so read this one first or it will be anticlimactic...

Laura Richardson has a fun Word Family Poetry - UG Family FREEBIE at TPT with 10 activities to go with this poem.

 Word Family Poetry - Poems For Your Poetry Center, -Ug Family

One of my little guys came in from outside yesterday and said the wood chips on the playground were hot as a bug in a rug.  So close. 

My friend Sandy from Kinder-Gardening posted this sweet saying a while ago- and I never want to forget it.  In the midst of worrying that my little kinders won't be writing non-fiction well enough, or writing answers in complete sentences, I am quickly snapped back to reality when one of my little guys bursts through the door announcing to EVERYONE that he just went poop and wiped all by himself- or my other little guy revisited his worry of being flushed, and we conquered that fear yet again...

The weather this week was absolutely perfect.  I took my class out about ten minutes early for recess and just pushed them on the swings.  How sad is it that as I was walking them out, passing other classes still inside, I felt like I had to rationalize that I was  taking them outside to PLAY?!  Last year, when I ask for favorite kindergarten memories, so many of the kids said it was when I pushed them on the swings.  I don't even do it much at all, but after hearing it is a favorite, you can bet that I know it matters. 

Speaking of swinging, I LOVE this bus stop in Montreal, Canada. Here is a description:
A team of designers decided they wanted to put magic into everyday events. Next to a bus stop alongside a Montreal city street, they installed 21 interactive musical swings. The swings play a tune when pedestrians move together in unison – the notion that we can achieve more together than alone.


I want a swingset.

My friend Susanna from Whimsy Workshop made this precious little snake as part of her Reptiles and Amphibians Clip Art Bundle at her TPT store.  I laminated him and am going to leave him on my door when we are out. It seems like someone is always looking for us when we are at the computer lab or out somewhere buying toys or getting ice cream like we do so often. A therapist comes to find one of my kids, or someone comes back from a doctor appointment, and we aren't in the classroom...  My oh-so-important question is - which way should I write my message:  "Not here" or "Knot here" ...   hmmm  What do you think?! OR is there something better yet?!   These things keep me up at night. 

My wonderful mother found these adorable masks at Cracker Barrel - and got them for my class!
These are our new names over our lockers:


I will leave you with this thought...

Have a wonderful weekend!


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