Monday, October 14, 2013

LOTS of Fun Learning about Bones!

The Kindergarten classes were learning the names of some  bones in PE class.  They were working on skull, clavicle, femur and ribs.  So, after PE, during snack, I made up this song for my class.  We surprised the PE teacher with it on the next class, and now all the other classes learned it, too!

I just used Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, substituted in the bones we wanted to learn, and kept the "eyes, and ears, and mouth, and nose" part. The children touch each bone as we say it.  So our song was, "Skull, clavicle, ribs, and femur, ribs, and femur.  Skull, clavicle, ribs, and femur, ribs, and femur.  Eyes, and ears, and mouth, and nose. Skull, clavicle, ribs, and femur, ribs, and femur. 

I actually used this when I taught 2nd grade.  My class loved to sing, but Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, was a little young- SO first we sang the song, leaving out one word each time we sang it. My kindergarteners love that game, too.  We get so we are only doing hand motions with absolutely no talking because we leave out all the words and sing it in our heads.  (Sometimes I let them leave in the word "and" and they think that is hilarious. ;)

Then, for my second graders, I substituted in the "grown-up" names of the body parts for the Kindergarten version, and we sang "Cranium, clavicle, patella, phalanges, patella, phalanges..."  They LOVED this.  You can add any verses you like with any bones you like. THAT is one of the  joys of being a teacher!  If you want to teach them humerus, vertebrae, hips, and shin- sing that!  One verse I made up was "backbone, spine, vertebrae, vertebrae"- and the kids had to keep touching their backbone each time, so they learned that all those words are describing their backbone.  Songs are amazing teaching tools! 

There  are great songs on Youtube!

Here is Ba Ba Bones from The Learning Station! My kids LOVE all of their songs.

This one is called Name Those Bones and is a catchy one!

The Bone Song!  
Here it is re-animated-
These are fun ones, too.
ABCya! has a fun Learn the Skeletal  System game online.

These are a couple cute skeleton related stories.

Kids' Health has a good page online about BONES.

Over the Big Moon  has a cute little Skeleton Game that go well with the song!
skeleton game 460 406x575 15 Kids Halloween Crafts & Activities
Stuff by Ash has a great little tutorial and description of everything you need to make this cute Skeleton Craft.

Materials for Q-tip Skeleton - going to do this at Kami's preschool halloween party
I found this cute cookie idea from Family Fun.  I think I could even manage that- since you can start with pre-made dough- Oh my gosh, you could just use pre-made gingerbread cookies! YES you could!  I think I could pipe on those bones! :)



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