Thursday, October 17, 2013


This post is for my sweet daughter, Emily, who had an encounter with a squirrel a year ago today- when they both apparently went for the same seed pod during her nature study class.  Really.  Long story short- she is totally fine with a little scar and a funny story to tell. She is a character.  Some details include her professor leaving the rest of the college class early and driving her to the emergency room in Niagara Falls.  Oh. My.  I looked at my phone and had this text, " I got bitten by a squirrel and am in the emergency room with my professor."  OK.
So,  I thought it would be fun to  share some fun squirrel ideas today!

I found some awesome squirrel freebies on TpT I'd love to share with you.

A Special Kind of Class has these adorable Squirrel Counting Numbers. This is a fun math center and would be fun with real acorns, too!
Squirrel Counting Numbers Freebie
I love Kinder Kay's Fall Squirrel I Can Draw I Can Write Fun Pack. What a great afternoon this would be learning to draw squirrels- and so great for details and writer's workshop!
 Fall Squirrel I Can Draw I Can Write Fun Pack
I LOVE this Scaredy Squirrel I Have Who Has Letter Game from Barb Gaither. Oh yes, this is fun!  Great letter recognition practice!
Scaredy Squirrel I Have Who Has Alphabet Match
I love scavenger hunts outside, and this Fall Scavenger Hunt from Julie Barello will be so much fun for a beautiful fall afternoon!
Fall Scavenger Hunt
I have had terrible luck finding acorns this fall. (Must be the squirrels got them first!)  But I am still looking and thought this idea from Play to Write was adorable.  I even have a little container all set to go (AKA an old Lysol wipe container) that I have turned into a little tree to store the acorns! 

Letters printed on acorns 

On a delicious note, aren't these so cute? These are from Life Inside the Page.

I made these (below) one year to decorate the top of a cake, and they turned out really cute. (SO- you know they are easy!) This picture is from Bargain Hoot. I think I like the look of the nutter-butter top.

(God made these- they are real! haha- just comparing the tops cause I am like that.)

As I was looking for that  picture, I found this from Party Pinching! OH my goodness! I don't think I could even eat him, he is so doggone cute.

Have a wonderful day!

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