Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Ghost's Dinner

We had so much fun with The Ghost's Dinner by Jacques Duquennoy today that I had to share it with you. I have had it forever. If you don't have it, hopefully your library will.  
It is a story about a ghost who invites his friends over for dinner.  Everything he serves makes his ghost guests look like that food or drink.  Here are some pictures to show you!

It's great for predicting and problem solving.  "What color will the ghosts turn after they drink spinach juice?"  "Which ghosts do you think had seconds of the pumpkin soup?" 
 They love the salad and cheese ghosts!
 We had so much fun that I decided to make our own Ghost's Dinner class book.  After we read the story in the morning, I told the class that after lunch we would each draw a ghost who has eaten something for our book.  They had all day to think of their clever food.  Here are some ghosts we came up with!

A camouflage cupcake
 I LOVE this one!
 a banana

 an orange
And... this one... When he shared, he said, "My ghosts ate a disco ball and horns. So this one is all horny."   And the beautiful part about Kindergarten is that nobody even blinked an eye. (Except maybe me... I about died.)
Have a great night. Stay away from those horns!


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