Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Currently!

I am linking up with Farley for August Currently! When I linked up in July, I could have sworn August was much farther away.... 

I am listening to my clothes and dishes being washed- and knowing I will need to finish all that up tonight after I am done posting! I also have a very noisy little cardinal who loves our bird feeder by my window.  He is not a picture perfect cardinal.  He looks sort of rough-and-tumble- and is small.  His little crest is a mess and he makes me laugh. He gets a sunflower seed, then turns and stares right at me.  He is my new buddy.  He has a girlfriend/wife who visits now and then.

I am loving my new little Shark Steam Mop. It was cheaper than the Swiffer-so we tried it and I do love it. It is great on the hardwood floors- and my tile! I feel so clean for these 10 minutes when I am sitting here typing and nobody is home to walk on the floors. :)
I am thinking I can't wait until my  daughter Emily gets home on the 16th from her internship in Niagara Falls.  We have lots of movies, walking, exercising, and sushi- eating planned!  And some trips to Subway. She loves her Subway!  I am trying to get all my school stuff pretty much done before then. Can't wait! :)
I want to learn how to add new fonts and use them. I read somebody's blog where they said something like if you still use comic sans you are probably 100 or something ( kind of like "You might be a redneck if you...  use comic sans.")  Spoiler alert:  I still use comic sans.  :( 

Needing: Toned arms.  Did you know it is a real thing that you can throw out a rib trying to get toned arms in one day doing Wii boxing? 
Yes. It. Is.  Another spoiler alert: You can't get toned arms in one day.  OH- and if you go to the chiropractor for that rib- he will fix it.  But when you go back for something else a year later, he will still make fun of you for throwing out your rib playing Wii boxing.  (I still have the high score, though- so that has to count for something...)
I need a movie night with Jeff , too!  YAY! Can't wait!
B2S Must Haves:  My room MUST be organized. Must.  It just must.  I don't care if it doesn't seem organized to anyone else.  Things must be where they make sense to me. 
Next, I must have pens and pencils I love. I am not a pen or pencil snob.  Opposite.  My FAVORITES are:
They MUST be bold or you will just be sad.  I had no idea they made this 24 pack!!!!!

The best pencil ever ( besides Ticonderoga) is this one:
 My 3rd B2S Must Have- is a plan of happy things for each day of the week. I decided that this summer.  I am going to make each day special with something I can look forward to-  I don't have the details worked out in my head yet- but it may be - sushi for lunch on Monday, iced coffee on Tuesday, Subway for lunch Wednesday, etc.  I am still thinking- just little things that can make my day.   Jeff and I try to have a mini date night on Wednesdays if we can- at least go out to eat and get a chance to talk, cause the weeks get so hectic, and it is so much fun to have special things to look forward to!
Have a happy August! I can't wait to see what everyone else is up to!

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