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Five for Friday! August 23

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 My friend Susanna, at Whimsy Workshop just put together an adorable Fairy Tales Masks MEGA pack at her TPT store. Here are a couple pictures she included with her listing:
Fairy Tales Masks MEGA Pack (with Scripts and Printables)  Fairy Tales Masks MEGA Pack (with Scripts and Printables)  Fairy Tales Masks MEGA Pack (with Scripts and Printables)   Fairy Tales Masks MEGA Pack (with Scripts and Printables)

She bundled masks and scripts for acting out Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Goldilocks! I can't wait to use these!  The timing was perfect, because instead of working on what I "should" be doing to start school, I was so excited to make this Jack and the Beanstalk idea, that I made these first.  Now I can't find bean seeds, which is probably good, because we do a plant lesson in March/April - so I will probably not use them until then.  BUT they are all set to go, and I thought I would show you. 

I got my idea from my friend Bobbie, at Kindergarten Shenanigans .(She is a sweetheart and just started blogging- stop over and say "hi!")    She  posted this link from Lessons from a Teacher, and I just loved it!
I made a PDF of some different castles to use and printed them on cardstock. I just copied and pasted different castles- 6 of each on a page, and printed them. If you would like this PDF just let me know and I can easily send it to you- I cannot for the life of me figure out how to embed the PDF here...  :( 

I bought some dowels, cut out the different choices, and hotglued the castles onto the dowels.  After we plant our bean seeds, the children will choose their castle, add some cotton clouds to the bottom and watch Jack's beanstalk climb up to the castle.  I just thought these were adorable!

Fairy tales are so good for sequencing, retelling, character and setting discussions, acting... I love to use them because the children are usually familiar with them (although not so much anymore as they used to be!) and they are usually easy to break down into sequencing parts. (I was going to say 'easy to understand' but they are really pretty crazy when you actually think about them- and not the least big easy to understand! "OK- so this giant lives on top of a bean stalk that grew from these magic beans, and he has this goose ..."  WHAT?!  ;)

My friend Sandy, from Kinder-Gardening posted this sweetest post about what she does to celebrate the children's birthdays in her classroom.  What a sweetheart she is!  I just found these two pins that I am going to use for my classroom birthdays and thought you might like them if you haven't seen them!

Someone suggested this last one to play as the snacks were handed out because it is more subdued. :)

(My poor little #3 looks exhausted! )

I saw this precious idea on Dr. Jean's blogShe got it from Ashley Swedell. Thank you, Ashley!
I actually bought sparkly silver sneakers for the kids to use. :) The plain black ones were cheaper, but-hey, you only learn how to tie shoes once! (Plus, nobody can walk off with them because it is practically impossible to lift that easel! ;) 
Her picture is better:

I am also using Donna's download from her post here from her blog Peace, Love, and Learning. (I laminated the sign and hung it above the shoes. I did fix my camera setting-but AFTER my picture. (Oh my.  How do I even make it through a day?!)   And I cut out the circles and made Pete necklaces from the badges.  Donna sings, "I love my tied shoes. I love my tied shoes. "  The kids will LOVE that.  We will celebrate BIG when someone learns to tie- believe me!  It's a biggie.

A few years my wonderful mother made little sneakers with shoe laces as pins for the kids. They were SO proud to get one of these! They could actually tie their pins! :)

Last year, I was lazy and gave these certificates- and a gold medal.  I just had to share this picture because...look at that face... and also he wore this gold medal for WEEKS.  <3  AND he told a friend in the class next door all that was required to earn one of these babies-  so the little next door sweetie showed me he could tie and walked out with a medal which he wore proudly, reminding me that he had won from me- every time I saw him!  (I didn't encourage spreading the word about these birthday party favor fabulous, golden  medals because I only had so many!  Now, knowing the power which they hold,  I have stocked up!

All this shoe-tying talk made me think of this :

I saw these this morning on Teaches With A Sense of Humor facebook page and they just made me smile. ( I can hear my 19 year old son groaning if he knew -and yes, Matt, it amused me...)

This one was extra dear to my heart because I remember when my daughter Emily was JUST learning to write her name, and wrote it on the wall in the corner of my dad's office... hmmmm... and we just didn't know who had done it...

And finally- my friend Terri, knowing my love of punctuation marks, sent me this:
8 New Punctuation Marks We Desperately Need.  Are you ready?!?! 

And I will leave you with MY FAVORITE...


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