Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord! and TPT Sale!

I am linking up with Michelle, at Fabulous in First for Sunday Smorgasbord !
My randomness this week is prettttty doggone random- but that's what makes this linky such a smorgasbord, right?

I just rediscovered this book and remembered how wonderful it is to read.
My random advice related to this topic is this...
You know those pictures at Amusement Parks that are taken on rollercoasters or flumes that seem SO expensive and not worth it?  Well, buy them. They ARE worth it.  Don't only buy them- frame them and love them in your home.  Think of them as priceless artwork, if you must, to justify the cost, but just buy them. You won't be sorry, years later, looking back and remembering those moments.
We never had the extra money to buy these pictures, but I am so thankful we just did it , because I can't tell you how many times I have looked at them, smiled, and been right back in that wonderful moment.

In a blink of an eye, it seems, the kids are grown.

(You may have noticed that most pictures were of dad and the kids...well, that's because this is what it looks like when mom goes on the ride!  Oh my gosh, I am NOT good at them! HA!)

Time goes WAY TOOOOO FAST.  I would never have dreamed when this picture was taken, that years later my sweet Emily(on the right)  would be a senior at Niagara University, right there in Niagara Falls!
Another book I love  and use informally with my class is  the Five Love Languages for Children.  It is pretty easy and very helpful to get an idea what a child's love language is, and to use it to better reach and relate to  that child. 
If you aren't familiar with the 5 love languages, they are: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and acts of service.  Each person has one or two that are their strongest "love languages."  Knowing a person's love language allows you to connect better with a person and know what he/she responds to best.  For example- if you have a tricky child in your class- you may discover that he or she responds much better to quality time (like lunch in the room with you) than to gifts (stickers). 

There is a survey in the back of the book with questions to help determine which love language a child has.  I actually had my kids do this for me, just to get an idea how accurate it was. It was really interesting. In fact, I had my husband take the little quiz too- and he said, "This question is crazy! Who would rather hear 'You did a great job on that homework,' than 'You have  a surprise under you bed?!' "  So I said..." um... your son!"  Jeff was such a 'gifts' person, and my son Matt is more of a 'words of affirmation' person.  (Note to self: Get Jeff more gifts!)

 It is just another way to get insight into what kids (or husbands...)  respond to most. I am much more of an 'acts of service' or 'words of affirmation' person than a 'gifts' person. It is so much more of a gift to me if Jeff vacuums the house  instead of getting me flowers or something.  (Note to Jeff: vacuum the house!)    I really like this book.  Our Sunday school class did a study of The 5 Love Languages for Couples, and it was one of my favorite book studies.
Next random item:
Did anyone see the meteor showers this week?  Jeff and I saw 11 shooting stars ( meteors) in 45 minutes!  It was AWESOME!!!  I will never forget it.
OK Last.. I will leave you with these that just kind of made my day:

(This one was my FAVORITE...)

Don't forget to head over to TPT for some great sales today and tomorrow!  I just listed two Prezi bundles: My 11 Prezi Back to School Bundle and a YOU PICK bundle that lets you choose any 3 Prezis  that you want. Plus- everything is on sale today and tomorrow! 

Have fun shopping and have a happy Sunday!  XOX

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