Friday, August 9, 2013

Five For Friday and TPT Sale!

I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday. Thank you for hosting! I am loving my summer Fridays and not wanting them to go too fast... 


All of my Prezis are on sale at my TPT store this weekend.  Every Prezi is $2 or free!  I hope you can find some Prezis that are helpful for you to start the new year.

2. Getting into that classroom!

I guess I must be a really optimistic person- because my first thought was, "LOOK at those shiny floors!"  I'm not that different from 5 year olds, cause I still like shiny things.  The difference, I  guess, is that at my age I am smart enough to realize they won't be shiny for long.  (Wow- that sounded really deeply depressing. But I am leaving it because  it sort of made me laugh at how depressing it sounded. ) You know what I mean- little feet/moving chairs/ throwing up on floors take off the shine really quickly!

I mainly put away the collection of treasures I hoarded kept in our extra room all summer for school.  Unfortunately for Jeff  Luckily for me, we live pretty close to a Teacher Store- and of course Target, Staples, Dollar Tree... So... yeah.

3. I can CALM. 

I found this video at Conscious Discipline and thought it had some great relaxation ideas to remember for some brain breaks in the classroom for me the kids!


I have my little "Think about it" friends ready to go-  I have 2 precious, softer than soft elephants who will listen with their great big ears to anything a child has to say, and never, ever forget it.  I also have a great squishy ball to squeeze (but the child must be really thinking quietly about squeezing it and how it feels to squeeze), and some "My Favorite Things" lotion to rub, rub, rub into hands and make frustrations go away while the child thinks about his/her favorite, happy things.


I can't wait to introduce Elmer the Elephant this year! After we talk about Elmer, these elephants are very special to the children.   I always start off early in the year with him.  This  year, I am using Sarah's Fabulous Elmer the Elephant Unit and I can't wait!  It has all this in it:
Color word crayons (small and large)
ABC order {color words}
Color word coloring page
Story Elements Page
3 choices of writing paper
I Have, Who Has? {short e}
Elmer craftivity
Elmer the Elephant Printables & Craftivity!

4.  The power of "YET"

This was a great little video to help me remember to use that fabulous word "yet."  For example: "Jeff, that extra room isn't cleaned out, YET."  ;)   Yes. 

5.  Our trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo!

We had so much fun just getting away for a couple days!  I love seeing personalities in the animals at zoos.  Here were some of my favorites.

He was a blue monkey. And he was really blue. :(  Made me sad.  
Grumpy Fish.  (It was in the aquarium and the picture is horrible. sorry!)

Happy Fish.
 Happy Shark. (Probably for SHARK WEEK!)

 Judgmental  Ostrich
 Laid-back Giraffe
Cocky Peacock
This peacock was just strutting around, knowing we all wanted to see those gorgeous feathers- and knowing he could just do as he pleased and never show them to us- he just plopped down and seemed to say, "Ha ha." 
Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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