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Meet the Teacher Linky

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin'  for Teacher Week '13!
Today is all about me-  Yes it is! :) 
I love getting to know all of you better from your little fun facts.  Isn't it neat when you read one fact on someone's post and think, "YES! THAT IS ME!"  

Here are some random/not deep things about me...

1.  I live in Upstate NY- I found this picture and it made me laugh.  I am actually in that little county called "Tioga" so I am rightnextto Pennsylvania.  I've lived her all my life and only moved between two towns back and forth 7 different times in my life. 


Arguing with people about where Upstate New York starts.
2.  After reading #1, I see that I need to get out more. I have been to NYC a total of 3 times in my life- and that is usually where people assume I am from when I say  New York. 
3.  I met my husband when we were both in 9th grade.  He made me laugh right away.  He was in my Science class and immediately got in trouble for being silly.( That should have been a sign... haha)  Later he was in my Social Studies class and I remember being so happy when he walked in. Our first date was roller skating- I think we skated to Cold as Ice by Foreigner. Dating myself?! ha!  (Cold as Ice is not really a romantic song to remember as "our song"- is it?! That's sad...)  We dated through high school, college (with the usual high school/college break-up moments) and have been married 26 years!
4.  We have 3 amazing children- and one amazing son-in-law now as of July 13th!
Ellie, her husband Matt, my Matt, Emily
5.  I am great at buying vegetables and fruit.  Not great at eating them. :(  I try to be better every day.  I get canker sores if I eat ANY candy- and I have always gotten colitis from eating fats... so you would think it is sort of God's way of leading me toward eating healthy stuff...  I never wanted to believe the canker sores were from sugar- but every Halloween and Easter they were so bad.  duh.  I know now. :( 
6.  This sounds so "Match.Com-ish," but I really don't like mean people.  I don't get it.  I know there will always be people who don't like me or are just negative- but it sort of drives me crazy when someone is mean.  That is sort of a no-brainer one, I guess.  I just remember things for ... ever...  (for example someone making fun of how I laughed in Kindergarten...  who remembers that?! )  Let it go, Carolyn... ha ha.  I am so thankful that I am a happy person. 

7.  I remember  the birthday dates of kids I went to school with. I think how crazy they would think I was if I said, "Happy Birthday!" on their birthday- after I haven't talked to them for 30 plus years...  They would think , "I don't even remember your NAME!"  Ha!  My daughter Ellie remembers license plate numbers from practically every car we have ever owned.  I can't even remember the one I have  now!
8. I love making school things and thinking of ideas to make learning fun for the kids.  That is another kind of no-brainer- here in blog world! We all do that! ;)   I homeschooled my children- Ellie all the way through, Emily to 9th grade, and Matt to 8th grade. Em and Matt went mainly for swimming (and golf for Matt.)  Em got a full scholarship for swimming at Niagara University- so I am glad she went!   I LOVED homeschooling them and would not trade one second of it for anything. It isn't for everybody- and there are certainly people who shouldn't do it, but it is one of those personal, year to year decisions that I am so glad we made each year. 
9.  I use WAY too many exclamation points and ellipses...  see- I go back and reread my posts and take out exclamation points.  Yes I do!!!  :)  And I still have a lot.  (See #6- Happy Person...  oops- another ellipsis.) Thus- this is one of my favorite teaching books:
I was just thinking- when I read this, I am going to name him "Mark." 
10.  I love to clean. I love when the house is really clean.  I clean when I am nervous.  I remember watching Mary Tyler Moore when I was little, and on one show, she was cleaning because she was nervous about something- and even then I think I related to her.  WOW. That is like deep-seated confession. (I wasn't sure if it was  deep-seeded or deep-seated so I looked that one up!) Maybe she was the reason I started doing it. Hmmm. I also collected rain water to rinse my hair like she did when I was little.  I think this one should have been that I was probably obsessed with being Mary Tyler Moore when I was little. ha!   I even had a wooden "C" on my bedroom wall- like her wooden "M." Oh my gosh.  Wow.  You young ones won't have any idea what I am even talking about! ;) That one was for me, I guess!
This  picture is  just like one of the signed cast photos I had in my collection of about 80 signed pictures from stars.  I started writing letters and collecting them when I was in 3rd grade.

11. I love to go for walks and rides with Jeff ( I sound like a dog...), watch HGTV, Food Network, and stand up on the Comedy Channel.  I LOVE comedians!  One time when we were watching comedy, I said to Jeff, "Comedy is SO FUNNY!" and he actually made t shirts with that on it for me.  That is love in my book! ;) 
I'm sure that is about all the randomness you can take from me!   Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!  How about a racy signature for some fun?!  HA!




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