Friday, August 30, 2013

Five for Friday! August 30th

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my last Five for Friday before I start back to school...
I hope you all had a great week!

Here are my five for the week!
I finallllllly finished and listed my Kindergarten Common Core Math Prezi Bundle.  This was my summer goal and it took me FER-EVER-but I did it!  I know these doggone math standards inside and out.  Here is the description of the Prezis at my TPT Store.
This Kindergarten Common Core Math Prezi Bundle includes 4 separate Prezis: Counting and Cardinality/Base 10; Measurement and Data; Geometry; Operations and Algebraic Thinking. I scoured the internet, searched, and found the very best interactive activities, links, anchor charts, and videos to teach and/or reinforce each of the 22 Common Core Standards for Kindergarten Math. Each Standard is separated so that you can zoom in on the one you are working on and have all of the links right at your fingertips, ready to use for whole group instruction, small groups, RTI, math centers, or even for the extra few minutes you may have throughout the day. My sample Prezi includes 2 of the standards: K.NBT.1 and K.OA.2, so that you can get an idea of the set up of the Prezis. Thank you for looking! I hope you enjoy these!
Here are some screen shots of each entire Prezi.  They aren't great pictures, but give you an idea of the divisions and links I have on each one. 

Here is a sample of two of the standards to give you an idea.  ( I first wrote smaple- and thought about leaving it because that is about where my brain is right now! ;)  These are K.NBT.A.1- Base 10, and K.OA.A.2- Solving addition and subtraction word problems, and add and subtract within 10. 

 I am not sure it will work correctly embedded here.  You have to "allow for pop-ups" so the links will work.  Even then, I am not sure how it will do here , but it gives you an idea of what each standard looks like. They are all different and fun!  I would "think" I was done with one- then move on to something else, and find something GREAT for the one I thought I had finished... But we will appreciate it when we want to work on a math standard and have the links right there!
We had our Kindergarten Picnic on Wednesday night. It was fabulous!  I loved meeting the precious people I have been making things for all summer!  Our Principal cooked hotdogs outside, and the families came, ate, sized up the teacher , met me, and saw the classroom.  One of my favorite parts of having this picnic is to see tensions just ease for both the parents and the children, as they explore the room.  Here is the little name packet I sent home. The laminated name is underneath the letter. 

I have two boys with longer names this year, so I thought I would ask each of them if they had a nick name they would like to use at school .  The first little boy I asked decided that he would prefer I call him his firstmiddlelast name.  I explained that I thought he may like either his first name or a "SHORTER" version.  He enjoyed having the power to  decision, and after a good, long time decided on the shorter version "for now."

My other little sweetie explained that they were both REALLY nice names, so I could call him whatever I wanted.  Love him already.

Even those little interactions reminded me that kids LOVE choices.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that little trick of  saying, "Do you want to clean up the Legos or the animals first?" 

(Last week, my #3 looked haggared.  This guy looks much more spunky!)

 Last weekend, when we stopped in Target, Jeff had to run to the bathroom- leaving me moments in the Dollar Spot.  Oh, dear.   This is what transpired from those moments:

My sweet friend Amy just got back from a wonderful trip to Hawaii- and had to get right back into getting ready for school.  She needed this.  (She usually dresses much more informally...) I made it quickly- not my best work (as evidenced by the back of my head...).

So- she put a picture of this on my Facebook.  A week later, she went to a Teacher Store in a town by us, and she said a lady came up to her and said, "Are you Amy? I recognized you from the notebook picture on Carolyn's facebook."  :) Oh my.  Thanks, Target.

We finished re-doing our new room.  Matt moved downstairs when Ellie got married, and so we made his room into a den/extra room. It was blue- which I didn't feel like repainting LOVED- so we went with that.  The cheetah move was unexpected. It just happened. BAM.  Some of it happened in Pier One. Some happened in Home Goods.   The lampshade on the desk happened in Walmart. 

The picture beside the TV is one Ellie painted when she was 8!  I love it- and it is sort of her room when she comes back- if her husband travels or the weather is too bad to drive back to her house in winter. She works close to our house.  The beach picture over the desk is just...  ahhhh... a beach.  Nothing more needed.  Except maybe me on it.  

I found my picture to keep in my teacher bag this year! I always keep a picture of me at the age of the children I am teaching- so I never forget who I was at that age, what kind of teacher and friend I wanted to have, and my little worries and hopes.  Apparently I had just lost a tooth in this picture!  This was right before I started Kindergarten, in my all time FAVORITE little nightie. (I do actually have both arms in real life.)  Also, on a side note- my sister had long ringlets much like Goldilocks.  My mom kept my hair short to "thicken it up."  :)  Oh, Carolyn... 

Go find a picture of yourself to keep in your bag! 
Just from getting to "know" all of you from blogging- I can say for sure, the children you once were would LOVE the adults you have become!  :)  

And go grab my Fun in the Fall- US or Fun in the Fall -Canada Prezi for FREE at my TPT Store!  I am keeping them free for this weekend! Happy Back to School!





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