Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School Prezi for my Canadian Friends!

My new friend Jackie asked if I would make a Back to School Prezi for which featured 'Oh Canada,' for my Canadian friends. She sent me some videos she would like included and I added a few more- so here it is! :)
I added 'Oh Canada' with lyrics, sung by Nikki Yanofsyk before the Olympics, and sung in sign language. I also included the Canadian Sign Language ABCs and several songs to teach about Canada.

It is free at my TPT store.  I also made a Fun in the Fall Primary Prezi for Canada .

Here is the description of the US Prezi at my store:
This Prezi is a  zooming poster FULL of information, videos, songs, stories, activities, and links to everything FALL for a primary classroom. It is a great way to incorporate Science and Social Studies into your classroom, as well as generating ideas for Writer's Workshop. Just click on a topic and have all those resources at your fingertips! Underneath the title are songs about fall. In the Prezi, I have included the following sections: 1.Back to School- which includes songs, online stories, the Pledge of Allegiance (saying, singing, and signing-regular and slow motion) The Star Spangled Banner, Grand Old Flag, a crayon box with videos of how crayons are made, a pencil box with videos of how pencils are made, Pinterest links, and activities/links for The Kissing Hand; 2. Why Leaves Change Color ; 3. How Does a Pumpkin Grow? -includes videos, a lifecycle chart, songs, stories- and some bonus bat and skeleton songs/stories for Halloween; 4. Apples- which includes videos of the lifecycle of apples/apple trees, songs, making applesauce, cider, and donuts, and Johnny Appleseed videos; 5. Monarch Butterflies-which includes activities, lifecycles, videos, a male/female chart, and links to great sites about monarchs; 6. Columbus Day; 7. Election Day- which includes 4 videos and 3 online stories about elections( Duck for President, If I Were President, Grace for President); 8. Veteran's Day- with videos explaining Veteran's Day to children.
Each section also includes a link to Pinterest boards/pins for that subject for easy teacher access to more activities and ideas.  
For Canada, I just took out sections 6 through 8 and replaced them with songs to teach about Canada's provinces and territories, as well as a different flag and National Anthem. :)
Have a great night!

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