Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Relationship with Lamination: It's Complicated.

Like so many of you- I have a love of lamination.  Don't worry. Jeff is well aware of my relationship with all things laminated.  He has had to watch as I have been all over my laminated treasures any chance I have had these last few days- cutting, cutting, cutting- and he has had to live with the mess my laminating leaves behind.   (not me... the laminating-) He is always game to join in on the straight cutting (sliding scissors) but draws the line at the fine detail work. I completely understand.  The honeymoon is over with my lamination.  When I printed out all my fabulous materials and made my adorable center activities, name tags and activities, cubby inserts, Common Core Standards, environmental print books... life was so good and hopeful. Now it is a houseguest who has overstayed his welcome.

Here is a little story to explain my life as of late.  When our kids were little, we used to describe trip distances by way of TV show times.  For example- my kids loved watching Kratts' Creatures- so if we were going someplace about an hour away, we would say, "It's about 2 Kratts' Creatures away."  Really. We did.  It still makes me smile.

This entire summer, during the day when I have been  home alone, I never turned on the TV at all. I just did other things and didn't even think of it.  The other day, Emily was home with me, and we sat down to watch some TV and cut.  Let me tell you how long I have been cutting lamination...  3 Will and Graces, 2 Duck Dynasties, 2 Secret Millionaires, a Chopped, 2 House Hunters, even some Sports Center and Golf with Jeff... and I am still not done. And you know golf goes on FOREVER!  I had to throw in some Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer to keep me grounded.  I am afraid if there is a marathon of The Real Housewives of Orange County this afternoon, I will go down that slippery slope...  This laminating has driven me to drink TV land.

Last night was the last straw because I even had a dream about it. I dreamed that I had broken glass all over our rugs and kept finding little shards of glass when I looked down. This morning when I walked into the family room, I looked at the rug and thought, "OH MY GOSH- shards of laminating!"

Let me say that I am so lucky to be able to send off anything I need to be laminated.  Ladies at our BOCES laminate it for me and send it back.  Every so often, I put in a bag of chocolates with my things to thank them. This time, it was a HUGE bag of Hershey hugs and kisses.  I am SO appreciative.

As I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of my roll of laminate- I do know that this will all be well worth the effort, like any relationship.  I will be so glad I stuck it out.  I do love the things I made, bought, and printed, and so will my class.  I know you are probably thinking that instead of writing and complaining about it, I could be cutting.  Yep.  I am on my way! 

Here I come, Real Housewives!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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